Why hotel guests are not allowed to bring any food & drink into hotel rooms?

Why hotel guests are not allowed to bring any food & drink into hotel rooms? post thumbnail image

Electricity, those who use 110V or any other than 220V at home need a converter as Turkey has 220V power system. Please check your electric appliances before you use them in your hotel room

Usually hotel guests are not allowed to bring any food & drink into hotel rooms, but in most cases, this is tolerable. If you will so, put them in a black plastic bag that will be provided at the grocery

If you are provided a breakfast & dinner ticket by the hotel reception to eat in the hotel restaurant, have it with you, as though not all of them but some of them may require it at the entrance of the restaurants

Don’t forget to return your hotel room keys before your departure from the hotel, as this will cost the friendly hotel receptionists a lot

Some of the hotels have energy saving systems. You may need to insert the metal attached to your room key in a slot which is usually right behind the room door. When you remove it from the slot, all electric appliances including air-conditioning will automatically turn off. If you would like to leave your a/c on, separate the key from metal attachment & leave the metal in the slot while you can take the key with you

Crossing the streets in big cities, before you do that, make sure that the car or whatever is at a reasonable distance to allow you cross the street safely. Because, in Turkey, cars have the privilege to use the streets. You can safely walk on the pedestrian walk ways.Turkey is one of the safest countries in the world to travel, but some rare instances of crime, theft & robbery happen in big cities. Especially, if you would like to walk around the city at night, leave your valuable stuff, money & passport at hotel safety box. Almost every tourist hotel has a safety box service free to hotel customers.Here – Mersin Escort

Telephoning from your hotel room might be expensive, alternative would be to use the public phones available out on the streets, or in some hotel lobbies. All you need is to buy a telephone card from Post Office (recognizable by ‘PTT’ sign), which comes in 30, 60 & 100 units

If you are traveling independently, check which dates that the museums are open to visits. Most of the museums are closed to visits at least one day a week. Archaeological sites can be visited everyday from 9 AM to 5 PM (this may change from summer to winter)

You may be approached by vendors at archaeological sites trying to sell ancient coins or fragments of a statue or a piece of pottery, don’t buy them, they are fake. Even if not you can find your self in real trouble at the airports since they scan all your luggage on X-ray machines

Usually customs check at entry & departure ports is not strict. However, customs officials are authorized to check your hand bags & suitcases. At their request, you have to open up your bags & suitcases

If the kids approach you saying ‘bon bon’, they mean some candies or chewing gums. Or saying ‘kalem’, that means pencil, or in some cases ‘Para’, which is money

If you are annoyed by street vendors trying to sell something to you, don’t look interested in their products & look the other way. Even if you start an innocent dialog, that may take your valuable time

If you would like to contact or speak to local people especially kids, go ahead, they love it

Some airline companies may require a final flight confirmation a few days before your departure flight, please check it with your flight ticket agent

Always pay attention to where you are walking, as there may be some holes in the street or some steps up or down

Although there is no restriction on the sale & use of Alcohol which is available at stores, the guests should avoid drinking in public during the month Ramadan.