Shell Vacations Club – Don’t Go There

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I just returned home from the Shell Vacation Club presentation. My career was in banking, so numbers matter to me and jump out at me, too. At the Arizona State Fair, I was talked into the timeshare presentation and went, since I travel often. The brochure I was given at that time offered a “free gift”, if I went through the presentation. The presenter did a good job of explaining the general timeshare program, but would not talk cost. When she finished, the closer came in tell about the cost and financing. The cost was just under $30,000, with annual dues of $741. The interest rate was 16.99%!!! With your purchase, you could claim 7000 points for use on hotels.

One week in a one bedroom hotel room, during the high season, would cost 2500 points. If you wanted, or needed to buy additional points, it would cost you $6.84, each point. So, now we are getting to the real cost. I was more interested in the $16,000+ cost of joining the club and that came with only 2500 points. If you want to buy another 2500 points, during the year, at $6.84 x 2500, your cost would be an additional $17,100!!! That is for one week’s vacation and that per point price can go up at any time, without restriction. Amazing. Also, the annual fee of $741 can go up each year, without restriction. Before I could get any of this info, they insisted on running a credit report on me.

I was shocked at the whole program and it’s cost. When I said definitely not, the closer got up and walked away without a word to me. When I was about to leave, the presenter said goodbye, and then I asked about the “gift”. She said my 2 hour presentation did not include a gift, that I would have had to pay $20 before the presentation, to be able to receive a gift (of course, that was never mentioned, before and why would I have to pay anything, for a “gift”?) She then, with a very condescending tone of voice, said “You can leave now, by taking either the elevator, or the stairs!”.

My lifetime of making loans, looking at financial programs and listening to people tell me lies, just to get money, tells me to stay far away from this vacation club. This is not legitimate. Whatever you think you are going to get, is not what you will get. I told the presenter that her boss should change his appearance, because both his way of speaking to prospects and the way he presents himself with his appearance, just reminds me of a crooked car salesman. She said that was funny, because the boss used to be a car salesman! Wow!!!

I know I wrote a lot, here, but you need to know. They can’t even be trusted to give the “free gift” they promise.