Seven Jackpot Winners Push Intercasino Prize Total Past US$1,000,000 In Record Time

Late April big winners set aggressive Internet progressive jackpot pace in the first quarter of 2002.

For casino players looking to cash-in on a new trend of Internet-only progressive jackpots, the place to play so far in 2002 is InterCasino.

InterCasino ( awarded an unprecedented US$1,086,813.20 to seven winners in less than four months, thanks to a late-April flurry of jackpot winners. The seven winners to-date in 2002 have already more than doubled the mark of three US$100,000 winners at InterCasino throughout all of 2001.

The regularity of the progressive winners is a testament to the growing popularity of the games and InterCasino’s reputation as the most trusted name in the industry. The more the games are played, the larger the jackpots grow, culminating in players setting off progressives on a frequent basis. The international scope of virtual casino progressive jackpots are in contrast to their bricks-and-mortar counterparts, where progressive jackpots often take months and even years before they are hit.

More players mean more winners – winners who didn’t spend a fortune for their chance at the big time. InterCasino are finding jackpots hit by players at their first day playing in the casino.

The latest winner minted by InterCasino in 2002 is a Slot Gacor player with the online handle ‘USA’. ‘USA’, an InterCasino regular, claimed US$117,949.40 on April 30 at a Spice Island Stud Poker table.

Spice Island Poker carries a Jackpot Mania ( progressive and can be played at casinos throughout the Internet. It carries a minimum default prize of US$100,000.

In contrast to ‘USA’, new player ‘Jesse’ hit a US$150,042.36 jackpot on April 21 less than three hours after opening an account. ‘Jesse’ won the jackpot on the slot machine Rags to Riches – another Jackpot Mania progressive with a US$100,000 default – with less that US$18 left to play.

Another remarkable 2002 winner is ‘Barb’, who turned a US$100 random prize from InterCasino manager Ryan Hartley earlier in the day into two massive wins in one day. Within hours, ‘Billie’ won US$11,518.00 on a multi-player Let It Ride four-of-a-kind. After a break from the casino, she would press her luck into the win of a lifetime, a US$180,770.68 jackpot on a Spice Island Royal Flush and a one-day total of over US$192,000.

Hartley can often be found on the virtual floor of InterCasino handing out random cash prizes to players under the alias ‘RyanH’. Players use the free cash both as a way to take a shot at a progressive and for help in cutting down the house edge.

Other 2002 winners include ‘billie’, who captured a Rags to Riches progressive worth US$102,263.88 March 28, moments after its jackpot had been reset to US$100,000; ‘mgpg33’, who hit a jackpot totaling US$118,700.24 on the same machine after playing in the casino less than three weeks; ‘jas3516’, who hit for US$189,433.44 on Feb 2, also on Rags to Riches, three hours after registering an account; and ‘jwhite’, a US$227,653.20 winner on Spice Island Poker Jan 29.

Big winners at InterCasino in 2001 include ‘moosed’ (US$176,647.19), ‘flagg04’ (US$152,488.36) and ‘stash’ (US$111,820.80).

InterCasino was voted “Casino of the Year 2001” by several gaming industry magazines, yet more accolades on top of a reputation that has established it as the oldest, largest and most respected casino on the Internet.

Jackpot Mania links progressive jackpots from Internet casinos around the globe and is the world-leading provider of high-paying online games. runs real-time tallies displaying each growing jackpot as games are played simultaneously across the Internet. It features eight games: including Spice Island Poker, Triple Olives US$0.25/$1.00 slots, Rags to Riches US$1.00 slot and Super Jackpot US$0.25/$1.00 Video Poker, Video Keno and Video Slots.

Jackpot Mania also is home to the world record for largest progressive jackpot ever won at an online casino. On September 3, 2001, ‘BOBO’ claimed US$414,119.00 at The Sands of the Caribbean® Online Casino ( on Rags to Riches.

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