Feedback On Defender Resorts?

Feedback On Defender Resorts? post thumbnail image

I own at a resort that changed management to Defender in the past year.

I do not understand why our board went with this company. I find them disorganized with respect to a mixup on my maintenance bill. Owners received their ballots for pending board officer elections that seem to have been full of mis-spelling even giving the address of the resort wrong.

My recent stay for my time has been impacted by atrocious and I mean atrocious Wifi service that the manager seems to make light of. When mentioned to the front desk staff you get a rolling of the eyes. The only person at the resort who seems sympathetic is the resale lady and what can she do about it.

I find during times when our resort management should be prudent there is disparity in the rental rates at my resort when we owners discovered guests staying on deals they obtained from the internet that were lower than what an owner could possibly rent a extra week for. Being able to rent for cheaper than owners is certainly a turn off to owners.

I am wondering if any other owners out there have had similar experiences with Defender or could share their input both pro and con.