Fantastic Beauty Tips For Winter – Explained by Upper Eastside dermatologist NYC

Here are some fantastic beauty tips for winter 2012. A great tip to start your planning to look gorgeous is to deal with your chosen cosmetic line faithfully. Choose a brand that you like and stick to it. Don’t waste money on buying cosmetics from other brands than your own even if they are offering you what looks like a bargain. If you are looking forward to Upper Eastside dermatologist NYC

Your brand of cosmetics will give you a total look and that matters. You might think that buying a powder or a lipstick from another brand especially if on sale won’t matter to your finished facial look, it will. Each brand uses its own formulas in making cosmetics and those ingredients might clash with your chosen brand.

Another tip is not to fall victim to ads that show models wearing bright and sometimes garish lipsticks and rouge. The clown look was never that popular not even in the Roaring Twenties when women went around holding a lipstick. Wear your make up but don’t try to accentuate any one feature unless it is your eyes. The eyes are always fascinating and add a look of femininity and allure. Don’t hurt your eyes with mascara’s that might cause eye infections if over done. Like all make up, the purpose is to cover imperfections and perhaps accent a feature like your eyes demurely. In make up a motto to keep in mind is restraint is the better part of valour.

There are some great tips for winter beauty that were around since Eve discovered the apple. That tip is good nutrition. Your healthy glow comes from a healthy body and that means a healthy nutritious diet which includes fresh fruit and vegetables. You might be tempted to starve yourself for that skinny look. That is really not going to give your face the radiant look of a Vestal Virgin rather it will give you the look of a Halloween ghost that refused to stay up in the attic. Some of these tips might not sound like beauty tips but good nutrition is the foundation of a great beauty and is as important as the best foundation you can afford from your line of beauty products.

Healthy diet, good exercise routines that don’t over extend your muscles, faithfulness to your chosen line of beauty products, plenty of rest and relaxation, and consistent use of these tips are sure to make you a very beautiful person. Being beautiful is not that simple even if one is born beautiful. There are conditions that must be met in order to keep that beauty.

Cold, wind, offices with an overpowered heating system that dries whatever moisture was left on your skin from outdoors… It is no wonder that many women dread winter and its effect on their skin. A new season calls for some changes on your beauty routine in order to keep breakouts, flaky patches and dry skin at bay.

Wear Products with Sunscreen

Even if the sun is nowhere to be seen, ultraviolet light still makes it past the cloud cover and will increase the rate at which your skin ages. This effect is compounded by the fact that wind and cold dry up your skin and lower its natural resistances, so while you won’t get sunburnt your skin will still suffer. Invest on moisturizers or makeup with added FP15 filters at the very least. In fact, you should do this all year around to reduce the speed at which free radicals age your skin, but it’s easier to remember about it when the sun is shining and your face starts to feel too warm.

Use More Moisturizer than Usual

Skin in winter suffers even more from lack of moisture, so even if you already use a moisturizer cream regularly it’s a good moment to buy a slightly heavier one. Alternatively, you can replace your usual tinted moisturizer with a foundation enriched with anti-aging serums, or apply a face mask at least once a week that is suited for your skin type. This will help keep redness and wrinkles at bay, and will make your skin feel much more comfortable. If you work on an office with a specially dry environment you may want to reapply your moisturizing or use a water spray during the day.

Drink a Lot of Water

Or hot tea, or herbal infusions. Your skin needs to be well hydrated to deal with the bad weather, so make sure you drink enough water even if it’s cold and you don’t really feel thirsty. Beauty starts from within, and without water your skin will look dry and sallow. Winter is also a season for partying, and many people drink or eat in excess due to the fact that they don’t need to worry about looking good on a sundress. Water helps reduce the damage done by those excesses.

Trade Baths for Showers and Body Massage

Baths are great for warming up in winter, but at the same time the excess heat and changes in temperature can make your skin redder and remove the oils that keep the moisture in. Consider helping your circulation by using a massage glove while on the shower to gently exfoliate and body oil afterwards to lock the moisture in, and in a few weeks people will wonder why you look radiant while everybody else seems dull and tired.