Digging wm55 Live Play

First off, a big shout out to wm55  for the nifty banner. Thank you my man. I plan on that being the first step in redoing the look of the site.

I havent been blogging much, one the reasons for that is that I am terrible at remembering details of hands that I play. I need to start taking notes, because I would like to start getting into some strategy in this blog. There are only so many “Live Blogging SnG’s” you can do.

I have been running cold in the SnG’s for the last month, I cash once in a while, but it has been a slow but steady decline in the bankroll. I am going to change my focus to NL cash games online for a while. The only problem is, lately, I have been really enjoying live play at the casino.

I have been to the casino 4 of the last 5 nights. I really dont have a live bankroll. Everytime I have played live in the past, I have meant to put the money aside, but it just doesnt happen. The money is either in my wallet, or stored somewhere, then something comes up and instead of going to the ATM, I just use the poker money instead. I need to stop that.

I have only been playing 3/6 limit live. The play at these tables is terrible, and I have averaged 3BB an hour the last 4 sessions. I am getting really tempted to give 5/10 a shot. I just need to get the bankroll up a bit more through a couple more positvie sessions, then I will make the jump.

Having been playing exclusively online for the past 6 months, I have forgotten how enjoyable live play is. The joking around at the table, shooting the shit with the dealers, the overall atmosphere. I have also noticed that I am terrible at noticing peoples physical tells. I am great at picking up betting patterns from playing online, but when it comes to observing the physical, I suck.

The best part to me of playing live is the focus. When playing online, even though I try not get distracted, I do. Check my email, check the lastest sports stories, read the blogs, get distracted by the ex, so on and so forth.

From this point forward, you will not be seeing Vegaas online as much, as I will have my ass parked in seat at the casino a minimum of 3 nights a week.

Now, if I can just stay away from the Black Jack tables while waiting for my seat.

just got back from a bar where I met my two singers. One of them is the host for Kareoke(sp?). Was downing the Southerns and coke pretty well tonight. Along with that, I let my singers pick out some fruity ass shots, so I am well prepared for this damn SnG.

Folded my first couple of hands and now I am in the big blind and just tossed away about 200 in chips with KJh.

Just played weak ass poker by throwing away wired threes to a huge overbet of 200 with the blinds at 10/20. Weak ass move on my part. I was in the small blind. Dont know if I should have played it or not. Damn I am drunk. Thank god I work second shift!

Folded around to me, I raise three times the big blind with K 10 off suit and am reraised by the small blind, I fold.

For those of you not in the Milwaukee area, I am eating some George Webbs double cheeseburgers right now. Fuck, I have typeover set right now, and I dont know how to turn it off, this sucks. Anyway, George Webbs is only a place you eat at if you are drunk. If I am sober, I cant stomach the place.

I just finished the my last double cheeseburger and wish I would have ordered about 5 more. There is jack to eat here right now.

I tried to get my singer to play Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit tonight. I told her it is the only way I would sing. She wouldnt, and I ended singing a duet with her tonight instead. It was Picture by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow, how the hell did that happen?

I am folding every damn hand in sight right now, and then I am dealt wired 5’s. I am in horrible position. The board is all over cards, I check and fold.