Comparisons: BMW 750i VS Benz S500 on outlook

Maybe you are still have some memory about 2011 BMW Z4 sDrive35is vs Audi TT RS i posted last time. I want to emphasize there is no absolutely perfect car in the world. Just better, no best. In the same way, today bmw blog will bring you to compare bmw 750i with Benz S500.

As the king of luxury car in the field of luxury car,BMW  7 series and Benz S series have been competition for decades. But Who is the best on earth is not important now.

As the backbone of their respective cars, the contrast between BMW 750Li and Benz S500 is particularly intense. Luxurious interior configuration, spacious space and adequate power are all just the basic requirements of a luxury car. What do BMW and Benz attractive most is their unique facinations. So,as the backhone of their respective cars, the contrast between 750Li and S500 is particularly intense.

BMW 750Li

The pre-face of BMW 750Li is mainly as “strong” and “unexpected”.The shape of headlight is pretty elegant with angle eyes in it,which lives in harmony with the LED turn signal.BMW’s unique Dynamic Xenon headlights with dynamic steering technology to make headlights to become intelligent, which can provide additional lighting support when in turn.

The current style of BMW owns a obviously fashionable tail,which is a rare design in the luxury car field.The size of lights are all large and contours are not in rules.While other LED manufacturers also advertised for advanced configuration, BMW has been bring a very strong sense of the visual impact to 7 series sedan.It seems to me that the tail of the 7 Series sedan is most perfect in a whole car.

In sizes,BMW 750Li Height-1478mm, length 5212mm, width 1902mm, wheelbase is amazing 3210mm.

The comparison between 750Li and S500 on interior is coming soon, Please pay attention to Comparisons: BMW 750i vs Benz S500 on Interior.

Focus on Flankfurt:BMW launched 7 series Top Individual

There is no doubt that BMW 7 series is a kind of excellent car.However,BMW is a company which is never satisfied with the current situation.So,the 760 individual version turns up.

In fact,there is not every BMW car has individual version.Only  Top 760i and 760Li can enjoy this treatment.760,equpped with V12 Turbo-charged engine,can reach 100 kilometers/hr in 4.6s .

The luxury 760 Individual is so excellent that only you sit at the back seat could you get  the wonderful feeling individual brings.The car body is mostly decorated with Chrome.Interior use the most “ordinary” wood and metal decorations.In addition,there are a lot of rare material – jade inlaid i-driver button. If you are looking for bmw aufkleber, check out here.