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Back Away from the Computer and Take Your Life Back | Botox and filler injector cary nc post thumbnail image

Running your business from home can sound like a great idea. Did you also know it can cause your health and relationships to suffer? If you are type A, chances are you will focus all of your energy on your company and forget that you need to push yourself away from your desk and get out of your office. If you wouldn’t put in 16 hours a day on-site, you shouldn’t be doing it at home either. By any chance if you are looking for “Botox and filler injector cary nc , get in touch with “” – they are the best in their business.

How can you run a successful business from home and stay well balanced? Follow these tips and you’re sure to remain healthy in all areas of your life.

Organize and Structure Your Day

Create a work schedule that fits into your lifestyle. If working 8am to 4pm is what you need to do, then do that. If life outside of work would be better suited to a 2pm to 10pm schedule, follow it. When you work at home, your day can be full of interruptions if you let it. Be sure that friends and family know that you are working. This means non-emergency phone calls won’t be answered, knocks at the door will go unheeded, and if your office door is closed you’re not to be bothered.

Before you enter your office, get ready for work. No, there won’t be anyone looking at you or commenting on your appearance but taking a shower and getting dressed will put you in the mindset of working. Try it! You’ll find that you are more productive than you are in your pajamas with your hair stuffed into a scarf.

Delegate – You Don’t Need to Reinvent the Wheel

Just because you aren’t working in a brick and mortar building doesn’t mean you can’t delegate; especially if you have employees that do work on-site. Delegate any responsibilities that you don’t absolutely have to complete yourself. Whether it’s purchase ordering, site management or answering emails—delegate responsibilities just as you would if you were on site 40 hours a week.

Take advantage of other services that are the best at what they do, such as web design and logo companies.  Yes, you can lumber through a do-it-yourself site—after all, you can do anything, right? But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Designate a Work Zone

While your home may not lend itself to having your own private office, chances are you have a corner tucked away somewhere that would make the perfect work space. Again, it’s all about preparing your mind. Rather than sitting on the couch in front of the television with your laptop resting comfortably on your knees—it’s best to work at a desk or, if you are lucky enough to have the room, in your own office.

Know When to Quit

Working at home makes it very easy to do ‘one more thing’ or sit down again at the computer after dinner to get more work done. Avoid this temptation. Even though you have instant access to your business, you’re sure to find your relationships or health suffering if you don’t know when to call it a day. Nothing says you can’t work for another hour or two after the kids have gone to bed but when the end of your workday comes, shut off your computer and resist the urge to turn it back on!


It can be tempting to keep separate calendars for every facet of your life. Many small business owners who work from home advise against this. Because your business and home life have become such integral parts of each other, keep only one calendar so you don’t lose track of appointments and responsibilities.

Remember, you can’t spend your life working. If you don’t get out of your office, eat healthy meals and take part in a bit of exercise, your health will suffer. Working at home successfully takes imagination as well as diligence; using some of these tips will make it easier to remember to include your personal health and family relationships in your work schedule!