Worldmark the Club – These people change their policies and minds at a moments notice

Worldmark the Club – These people change their policies and minds at a moments notice post thumbnail image

I bought 7000 credits of Worldmark the Club timeshare in 2002. I paid $12,000 for the credits and was told that it would be great for me since I was a truckdriver and could use the resorts as I traveled to different parts of the US.

It didn’t take long to find out that if I didn’t have advanced reservations for whatever area I was in that I could not use my timeshare and ended up renting hotels rooms as usual anyway. Truck drivers do not know months ahead what area they are going to be in. Now I was out the $12,000 as well as timeshare dues which keep going up and up and up and the regular hotel costs I was paying anyway.

Now, 13 years later I am on disability which means even the dues are really a problem for me to keep up with so I sold my timeshare with WORLDMARK the CLUB for only 1/3 of what I paid for it after 6 years of trying to sell it.

The people who bought it are complet ely happy to have it and even understand that they have to reserve and wait several months before they can use a reservation BUT NOW even after I paid $299 TITLE transfer fee and they tell us that in 15 to 20 days we will receive paperwork to transfer the title it has now been 23 business days, which was not originally stated, they are still supposedly backed up with paperwork and it will be another 8 days. Another person told me 7 more weeks.

Plus we get to wait another 4-6 weeks (which I supposed that could be changed to longer at a moments notice) after we get the paperwork completed to get the Title completely transferred into their name. I can only hope I don’t loose the sale of this timeshare while we wait for Worldmark the Club to keep changing their minds on what they are doing. The definitely are not a company of their word. I am really sad to have ever gotten involved with Worldmark and I hope I have not done my buyers and injustice by selling it to them. DO NOT BU Y WORLDMARK RETAIL.

If you are not prepared to wait months and months for a reservation, or any paperwork through them then don’t buy. It’s quite funny how quickly they can take your money though. It was only 1 day after I paid for the Title transfer that they had the money in their pocket. The same as when I bought it.

Buyer be very careful when buying Worldmark. Their program may not work for you even though they try to convince you that it will. And be ready for them to constantly change their minds on how the Club is run.