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Royal Holiday - Scam

During our honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico we were like everybody else practially harrassed into attending a seminar for Royal Holiday. After 3 hours of going back and forth, we finally believed we were getting something worth while. When we returned home, we found out we would have to get a loan to pay for our home that had been severly destroyed by Hurricane Ike. We decided to cancel our membership until a later date since we were still in the cancellation grace period. When we attempted to get in contact with them through the business cards they gave us; it was there that we knew there was a problem. After calling the Hyatt Hotel to connect us to them, the Rep. for Royal Holiday all of the sudden didn\'t speak English and hung up on us when we asked to speak to someone about cancelling.

The Miami office finally gave us an address to send the information back and had the same sales manager that sold us the plan call us. This guy named Brian said all was o.k. and all would be refunded even as he attempted to offer us even more lies just to keep us from cancelling. After that we didn\'t hear anything else so we called looking for our refund and we were told that we couldn\'t cancel and they said we had to keep the plan. Their Reps. were rude to my wife and I calling us straight out liars and constantly harassing us at home and work.

They have broken so many of our federal and State laws and I filed complaints with several agencies in the U.S. and Mexico including my federal legislators. This company has really been a nightmare.

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