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Bluegreen - point value rip off

 I was a 2 fixed week owner that was convinced to convert to points.

The main reason I converted was the option given as a silver club member to apply my left over points toward paying my maintenance fees each year. I intentually reserve most of my points for this use each year. I paid for 24,000 points each year.


In prior years, I could convert 14,000 points to around $800 toward my annual maintenance fees. This year I was informed when I called to pay, that the formula had changed and that same 14,000 points would only pay $300 toward my 2009 maintenance fees.

I asked why I was not informed of this formula change at the beginning of the year since I would never have given up enough points to have at least a week stay at most any Bluegreen resort for a mere $300 toward my maintenace fees. The person on the other end of the phone thought there was a notification sent but could not produce anything after about 30 minutes of searching.

I am unhappy that the very reason I converted to points was this option and that this option is being devalued to the point that it is not an option at all.


Submitted by: Mike Burke


0 #5 mark davis 2011-09-26 16:46
I can't use my free weeks with RCI either. They act like they have never heard of the free week that Bluegreen gives to lure you to up grade.I am still waiting on my deed.I keep asking where is my deed they said would be in Nevada.They also told me Bronze would ba able to pay maintenance fees.
0 #4 tony gentile 2010-09-20 04:44
You are not alone. If we had only knew what we were really getting into. Over paid so people could make big commissions. Paid nearly 20 grand for 13000 pts. I have taked to people who have tried to give away there time shares, just to get out of paying fees.
0 #3 Feeling Trapped 2009-07-20 20:23
My husband and I have been owners for only 2 years and have regretted our purchase from the very first time we attempted to book a vacation. We just feel trapped owning this thing with No way to sell. Nobody wants it.....even at 85% off the price we paid.
0 #2 eric 2009-07-05 10:48
i just got back from a bluegreen vacation in st. augustine. Again I went through a bluegreen update so I could get $75.I will not go through another update.My wife and I have been lied to alot, salesmen saying "anyone can use our timeshare if we want to let them,some people let others use their time share to pay for maintenance dues"what a lie.another lie is our bluegreen travelers plus ran out so in order to get it back we have to upgrade.we did not upgrade after one jerk told us about a bogus story of himself in college and how you have to seize the opportunity in life.anyway if your travelers plus goes out you do not have to upgrade for another $5000 worth of points,just go online and renew your traveler plus membership for$49 if you let them automatically withdraw it every year or $59 to just pay it yourself every year. I actually enjoy having this timeshare just not the lies and the constant conning that the con-artist employees of bluegreen try to pull.
0 #1 Steven Larson 2009-04-20 14:12
I have friends who belong tpo Bluegreen and all I hear is they can't get this property or that property. What I don't understand is if you go on to Bluegreen Rentals, or Expedia, or Travelocity, or World Hotels website all I see is loads of inventory. Hoow is it that owners can't go but people can pay to visit these properties. That doesn't seem fair. People have paid upwars of $10,000 and can't get anything then Bluegreen rents out inventory to non owners and is making money.

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