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We Went to a timeshare presentation to get a free 3day/2night in Florida. Was there 5 hours saying no can we have our free trip. They said if we leave a deposit we can give you 30 days to pay balance, if not we would lose our $300 and no contract.

I didn't have a problem buying myself time to think, thats how they got my account info.I called the next day stating we didn't want it, I got bribed with two additional weeks and was told to think about it. So my wife and I thought about it with the understanding worst case scenario is we are out $300. They sold us a lie. They never returned our calls after the next day, finally 3 weeks later I made contact with the person who told most of the lies to get our account information, and she reinforced again that we would lose our deposit already knowing we were screwed.

She told me somebody will be calling to advise us what to do. A week later they swept our account for $880, $1180 total and now we are very unhappy owners with a mortgage through Bluegreen Resorts. As an owner/member of Bluegreen Resorts stay away from it, and as I'm learning even the free trip is a scam. Stay away from Bluegreen Resorts and any free travel advertisements. Anyone with information on pending class action lawsuits on Bluegreen Resorts please post it to be available for everyone to join.

Good luck and fight back!



0 #1 Must Get Justice 2010-12-15 01:15
I understand how you must feel. Did you ever consider going after the company to get your money back? Lots of people feel that way, and that's why the company I work with created an advocacy package This step-by-step package was developed in cooperation with a law firm and helps you contact and collect upfront fees from non-performing, misleading timeshare resellers. It is important that you work with a company that has a good Better Business Bureau rating and is a member of ARDA (American Resort Development Association).

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