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Royal Holiday - Broken promises & overcharged

While on vacation, Nov. 2006, in Puerto Vallerto, MX Royal Holiday (RH)/Travel Experience sold us a timeshare at the Los Tules Resort presentation. We told Marvin Meyer, the salesman there was no way we could afford another timeshare. He called over Axel Castellano who proceeded to say what if I can give you a guarantee to purchase your timeshare if you will buy 30,000 points. When he showed us the guarantee from International Leisure Group (ILG) we agreed as long as this was the truth. Now, we know it wasn't the truth. We were also charged more for our points than I've seen others paid. Axel had us come back the next day for another free breakfast. He asked if we wanted to sell our other 3 timeshares with the same guarantee. He said we would have to purchase 50,000 points this time since there were 3 instead of 1. We have figured he did this so he didn't have to share this commission with his other 2 salespeople from yesterday. Once again we were charged a higher amount but with the profit from the guaranteed sale of our timeshares we went ahead. We saw this as going from 4 to 1 both in timeshares & maintenance. Since we are both seniors that would be very helpful to us.

We were lied to & defrauded. ILG strung us along & in July of 07 they told us we had to pay the "Mexican Taxes" before they could complete the purchase of our timeshares. Another lie. We were to be reimbursed the Taxes before our charge card was due! Didn't happen.

RH says they are not responsible for what the salesperson said. Nothing verbal is covered by the contract. I think this is the way RH trains their salesmen to sell. They are crooks who lie & defraud many people.

We have been trying to get RH to pay us all our money back & cancel our contract. They are making offers but nowhere near what we want. We are disputing the money paid through the charge card companies. Writing letters to Profeco, 20/20, the Federal Trade Commission and anyone else we can think of. This company needs to be stopped. Can't they be honest & make a sale legally!

Axel even opened a charge card, without saying anything to us till it was done. He got it for $20,000 with no interest for 6 months so that we would have our money back from ILG by then! He also got another of our charge card limits raised for 1 time only to cover the cost of the RH Club. Does this mean that RH has a working relationship with the charge card companies along with their relationship with ILG?

Don't get taken in by these crooks!

We are deep in debt now & had to take out a 2nd mortgage.



0 #1 Dan 2010-01-08 16:30
I went to that time share presentation with my mom several years ago. Honestly they were almost as hard sell as the Mayan Palace and considering the crap they were offering as reward was so little compared to what the Mayan gives I was surprised at the superior insulting attitudes we got from the salespeople when we said no. We barely got out of there and I had to drag my mom along who actually though they would take her time share and give her something better. Dont go there, and on a side not their resort sucks. No activities and the whole place is dull and unoccupied most of the year.

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