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Shell Vacation Club - Gives hotel guests priority over owners

I have been a been a Shell vacation owner for just over three years now. I am fed up with Shell and advise those thinking of buying to think twice. I can never get my reservation for when I want it and when I do get to stay, like I did this weekend at the Vino Bello I am appauld at the treatment. I was the only owner in the building, yet the guest above me had a two year old who ran wild all weekend keeping me and my two guests awake the entire weekend. Furthermore, the coffee pot, toilet, washing machine, and tv was broken in our unit yet after repeated calls to the front desk I could not get anyone to fix these items. Upon checking out I told them I would not stay there again and they said that Shell corporation says they can not give owners preferential treatment. Go figure! What about a descent unit. Shell vacation has gone way done hill.


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