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Shell Vacation Club - Bent over by SVC

I unfortunately agree with all the bad reviews of Shell Vacations. We have been an “owner for almost a year now and have been turned down for every reservation we have tried to make. We eventually spent a weekend at the Vino Bello and it was very nice, but it was the weekend they said they had space not the weekend we actually wanted. I called the Vino Bello a month before the dates we wished to stay and they had plenty of room. As soon as I hung up the phone with Vino Bello I called SVN and tried to reserve the same dates and was told they were full. Vino Bello/SVN only holds a certain amount of rooms for “Owners” and the rest are for other guests. I’m sorry but this is bull, and not what we were told when we purchased.

Second, we booked 8 nights in Puerto Vallarta at the Plaza Peleconos (and SVN Property). As “Owners” we are supposed to be placed in the Grand section of the hotel and this is what we were told when we booked. However when I called to confirm with the Hotel I was told that we are in the Club Section. Every review of the Hotel states that the Club section is horrible, to put it nicely, and that you need to stay in the Grand section. It’s the same deal as before, there is room in the Grand section but all the “Owners” spaces are filled. Screwed again by SVC.

Shell Vacations is not the way to go if you’re looking for a timeshare.


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