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Shell Vacations Club - We feel we were lied to and sucked

My wife and I have experienced problems with Shell. We feel we were lied to and sucked into buying a timeshare. We purchased 4500 at the Legacy in AZ. First they sit you down and tell you how the cost of hotels will go up each year. Then they tell you how your timeshare is a "great investment." The cost will save you thousands over the years. They tell you the maintenance fees will never go up. The brochure we have even says the cost of your timeshare will never go up. The sell you on good investment. We are paying $340 for the loan and $76 for the fees each month. We are paying $8.60 a day in interest alone. In the next 10 years we will be paying $50,000 to go on vacation 10 times, and that only covers the condo, not airfare etc. How is that a great investment? Then we were told that a condo is x amount of points based on the season (red, white, blue). When we booked out trip to Hawaii it was somehow "platinum season."

Another issue we have is that we were bribed into buying. "You buy now and we'll give you this, that, and another thing. One thing was a weekend in San Diego in their resort which is supposed to be on Yachts in the harbor. It ended up being a Non weekend stay at the Radisson in a poor neighborhood. The we were supposed to get 4 tickets in the suite for the AZ Diamondbacks. We got to will call to pick up the tickets and they weren't suite tickets. I called and they said that they overbooked the suite and would not compensate me.

I was told that their website would be updated were I could view points online and book things. They have not updated their website since we bought almost 2 years ago.

One last thing. They never return phone calls. I have mad 4 to them this past month and have not gotten a call back.

My wife and I are in a financial bind because of this. As you know you cannot resell these, especially owing what we owe. What can we do about this problem? I know we signed a contract, but no attorney was present. Nobody brings a lawyer to a presentation. We feel we were scammed.



0 #3 General Admin 2012-01-20 21:51
Please do not take content from our website to be used on a different place. If you feel the need to have a forum specially designed for Shell owners, please let us know and we can make it happen within our site.

Thank you!
0 #2 Richard A. 2012-01-20 18:20
I so want to re-post this to a forum! :) Add a few experts in the mix and this should be a fascinating discussion!

I believe this Shell network is being sued for such practices so good luck on your quest for truth though, you'll need it!
+1 #1 Daniel Moreno 2011-07-09 07:47
I feel your pain I am in the same situation I am looking for ideas or some solutions as to how I can get rid of this timeshare, I am a point where I really dont care about the money or making a profit like some companies promised which is another issue altogether. I just want out. Any ideas??

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