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Timeshare Solutions - RIPOFFS and SCAMMERS

Bill Elis, Bob Downy SCAMMERS and RIPOFFS

I was contacted by Timeshare Solutions by phone to advertise my timeshare for sale. I payed a $99.00 one time processing fee for this around 8/2006. I was contacted by Bill Elis of Timeshare Solutions on 9/14/2007. He stated he had sold my timeshare to CIBA for $20160.00. He said that they would pay half the closing costs of $1600.00 and I would need to pay my half to get the deal sealed. I agreed but wanted it in writing so they emailed me a sheet to sign stating that I agreed to sell for $20160.00 and agreed to pay $800.00 for closing costs. I paid this with my Discover card. I was told by Bill Elis that in 30-45 days I would have my money.

I contacted Bill Elis after this time and he said I would have my money by 11/23/2007. When that passed I called again and was given to Bob Downey. He said that everything was ok and that I would have my money by the end of December. This also passed.

Once again I contacted Bob Downey and he gave me a date of 1/3/2008. Still no money, I contacted Bob Downey again on 1/2/2008 and he said that one of the people that were selling to CIBA lied on the app and they had to get one more timeshare to close the deal. He said not to worry that I would have my money in 2 weeks. I contacted CIBA on 1/31/2008 and talked to Kathryn Scott, Financial Controls Officer, for CIBA and ask about their buying timeshares for their employees to use. She stated that they have not and will not be buying timeshares and have never had contact with Timeshare Solutions.

Now at this point their phone number and fax are no longer good.



0 #1 Margaret Supansick 2010-04-28 06:19
PLEASE! - Post on TOC a GOOD experience on a Timeshare Sale by Owners or by "ANYTHING&# 34; that is not a SCAMMER. PLEASE!. Too many scam posts PLEASE!!

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