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Timeshare Solutions - Bob Downey & Bill Elis SCAMMERS AND LIARS

I was contacted by Michael Hunt of 'Timeshare Solutions' by phone to advertise my timeshare for sale. I payed $99.00 on July 27 07 to list my property for $7000. On Sep 1,08 , I was contacted by Bill Elis of Timeshare Solutions. He stated he had sold my timeshare to CIBA GEIGY in a group purchase for $8400.00. He said that they would pay half the closing costs of $1,400 and I would need to pay $700.00 ,my half to get the deal sealed. After many questions to him, I agreed, but wanted it in writing so they emailed me a sheet to sign stating that I agreed to sell for $8400.00 and agreed to pay $700.00 for closing costs. I paid this with my VISA card and I was told by Bill Elis that in 45-60 days I would have my money. I Also added a Line to the contrat I signed stating If not sold within 3 months from date of agreement, the $700.00 charged to above credit card would be refunded.

Wanting to know what was going on, I called Bill Elis on Oct 17, 07 and left a message for him to call. At this time, he told me we were 'coming right along' and that Bob Downing would be 'the guy doing the closing.' Bill Elis said I would have my money by mid Nov.

When that time passed I called again, Nov 20, 2007 He said that everything was ok and that I would have my money by the end of December. This also passed. Once again I contacted Bob Downey on 1/15/2008 and he said that one of the people that was selling to CIBA lied on the app and they had to get one more timeshare to close the deal. He said not to worry that I would have my money in 2 weeks.

Still no money and, when trying to contact them, all the phone numbers are no longer working, connected or answered!!!

It is class action time! These people need to be stopped! I believe all the people knew this was a lie from the begining and I they all need to be held accountable for this.



0 #1 Dawn Yuhas 2009-09-18 12:51
Paid $99 4/27/07 with guarantee of refund if unit was not rented in 90days. I also dealt with Bill Elis

total ripoff :sad:

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