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Velas Vallarta - Puerto Vallarta timeshare scam

I fell for the 90 minute presentation and believed them when they gauranteed the sale of my time share weeks to offset the cost. The presentation lasted 5 hours and took away the relaxation and pleasure of the vacation. Whenever I have been there since the timeshare scammers are like locusts trying to devour your time and attention.

The Office of Tourism should put a stop to the over-activity of time share sales.



0 #28 Matilda Palmer 2015-08-25 20:06
This company is one of the most fraudulent developers ins the timeshare industry. The only thing you can do is cancel your timeshare contract. I recommend you to visit [url=] /, there is good information about these fraudulent companies.
0 #27 Deidre 2012-01-06 20:19
Hi, a 66-year-old friend of mine just wired $7,000 that she had to borrow from her credit card to Brian Goodwin and Malcolm Lovig with Executive Property Management in the hope of selling her timeshare and receiving $29,000. She is retirement age, and currently spends more than she receives in her pension to live, which is why she fell for selling her timeshare. She is incredibly depressed now on top of her financial woes to think she was dupped out of money she didn't have! Can anyone please help me help her?
+1 #26 oliveoil 2012-01-03 18:32
This is such an outrageous fraud RCI & our govts should be involved in shutting this scam down. I've written everywhere but no one is picking this story up. I have a fraudulent annuity running out of FL, a fraudulent contract that blantently violates Mexican law & we have an LA head office that sends letter to the BBB LA from the legal dept when confronted w customer stories. I would like to post all my correspondance w VV somewhere. When the BBB gets the letter from the VV legal dept it keeps their rating a solid B+!!! MORE FRAUD!!!
0 #25 Regrettably suckered 2011-12-06 16:35
That was the jerk who sold us the Velas timeshare with the promise that our current one was automatically sold if we signed on the dotted line. We were such trusting fools! Explains why he is an x-police officer... deceitful bastard.
0 #24 Irina 2011-12-05 23:05
I wish someone started this blog before... I paid 6000+ bucks for some taxes... I guess now its all gone... I just contacted the FBI. I think everyone should. The more people complain, the better the chances, a case would be opened.
+1 #23 Fooljul 2011-11-17 01:24
Monique, i fell for rhe scam as well. I reported to the FBI in Los Angeles. I sure hope they find these folks. Really slick operation they have going on. We even called the escrow company that they supposedly use and were hung up on.
0 #22 Jeannine 2011-11-09 00:28
J, I reported it to the FBI, which of course is a bit slower of a process but I highly recommend you contact them. I am not sure what all I can/cannot disclose but it would be very helpful if you contact them.
+1 #21 julfool 2011-11-09 00:05
Have you had this resolved? I was scammed as well and am looking to file a complaint. Any help that you could provide would help! Thank you.
+1 #20 Geobaldi 2011-11-07 19:26
Our process started with a phone call from Megan Schwartz from 818 284 4823, who had basic specs regarding our timeshare at Velas. This was followed up with an "International Purchase Offer" and then a "Sales Agreement" with signatures of both Brian Goodwin, Purchase Director, and Malcolm Lovig, Sales Manager. Proceeding a bit further, we received details of the Escrow that will be used to facilitate the transaction. Included in the package was an "official" letter from Juan Carlos Marquez of Banamex with the escrow account number, a Mexican tax form requesting 12% of the sale of the property from Servicio de Administracion Tributaria (SAT), and an letter requesting my bank account information from Brian. Obviously this is the "hook" - need to pay taxes before the Mexican gov. will clear the transaction for sale.

What I do not understand is that in the age of the Internet, how does an organization like this expect to get a dime without getting busted for mail fraud?
0 #19 Jeannine 2011-11-03 00:24
YOu should also contact the FBI. I did as I almost fell for their scam too. Thank goodness for my ex's watchful eye

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