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Velas Vallarta - Rude and Obnoxious Presenter

We were accosted on the street by a young man who promised us two free tour packages for listening to a timeshare presentation for Velas Vallarta. "No pressure."

We went to the resort and were shown around by a very personable young woman, then the "big gun" came in. After sitting through his sales pitch and his price change initially from $45,000 down to $16,000 with many variations in what was offered. We consistently said,"NO" to each offer. Finally we asked about our free gifts. He got up from the table and rudely walked away. We arose from the table and began to leave when he walked past and rudely said,"Sit down! We aren't done with you, yet. There are four more people coming to talk to you!"

We stated that we were finished and began to walk out. He then announced,"You will not get your free gifts!" He claimed that no one had ever said NO to him.

I can't remember his name, but I urge everyone to AVOID GOING TO ANY TIMESHARE PRESENTATION FOR VELAS VALLARTA.



0 #1 Duke Phillips 2010-07-14 21:16
Wow! You actually got out of there with your shirt still on! Good for you. But for others who weren't so lucky, I've started a couple of blogs devoted to the Velas cause:
Duke Phillips

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