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Velas Vallarta - Timeshare Scam

Velas Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, Timeshare Scam

The scam starts the moment you walk through the door. The sales person will introduce them self to you and their name may be the last truthful thing you will hear from them. Our sales person was Michel De Lisi from Quebec (supposedly). Our scamming is near identical to everyone else’s postings so there isn’t a great need to go into all the sordid details. Given the similarity of the scammings by so many different sales people it serves as a testimony to the pervasiveness of this fraud throughout this company.

The 90 minute Timeshare Presentation we agreed to was a scam right from the get-go and it lasted several hours. As a Canadian you expect and account for sales people exaggerating claims of their product. The Velas Vallarta sales staff do not exaggerate, they look you in the eyes and out and out lie to you. It is fraud by all definitions.

If even half of the things they tell you were true it would be a reasonable deal. This is the premise under which we bought, factoring in sales embellishments of 50%. Unfortunately for us the embellishments we had factored for were fraudulent lies.

It’s a great investment that will appreciate over time. LIE / Fraud.

You can easily rent your weeks for more than your purchase price. LIE / Fraud.

Your purchase comes with an Annuity that will return your entire Timeshare investment in 25 years. LIE / Fraud.

Velas Vallarta Corporate Representative Johnny Noe it seems has recently been replaced by Contract Manager Monica Dallegrave. Don’t think for one moment that this will change the sales practices of this company. From a deceitful corporation point of view why change? The scam collects millions with minimal risk of paybacks.

My wife and I have come to the resolution that our “investment” is gone forever. We would have done better if we had invested in Enron. What we wish is to get this message out as far and wide as possible so that no one else suffers the same fate as us.

DO NOT attend a Velas Vallarta Timeshare Sales scam unless you get great entertainment from hearing enormous lies. But most important is DO NOT PURCHASE a Velas Vallarta Timeshare. If you feel for any reason that you must have ownership in a Timeshare do yourself a favour and purchase it from the secondary Resale/Rental Market at a fraction of the original sale price. Better yet, rent the week you want from the secondary market for less than the yearly maintenance fee.

But be very careful about the Timeshare Resale / Rental Company you deal with. Many of these are scam companies as well. If you are going to sell or rent your timeshare “never, never, never” pay any up front advertising fees or fees of any kind. Once you pay such a fee it is unlikely that you will ever hear from them again. Pay only the agreed to fee ”after the Timeshare has sold or rented”.

The entire Timeshare Sales, Resale, and Rental business attracts a lot of disreputable characters. Be very careful in dealing with anyone in this business. Nowhere does the old adage “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t”, fit better than this business.

Spread the word to everyone you care about.

Send The Velas Vallarta an email about what you think of their sales practices.

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0 #5 Matilda Palmer 2015-02-24 23:02
The timeshare industry has been into the lion’s mouth for the last couple of years, and it has generated lots of controversy and discussions in many forums and blogs on the web. However, since we’re living an economic downturn, anyone would expect that the timeshare sales collapse, but instead of that the sales seem to be increasing… but this comes with a trap: timeshare scams are increasing too. That leads us to the question: then, why keep people investing on timeshares? There are good articles about timeshare scams:
0 #4 Pauline Aubert 2014-11-19 20:40
Many clients have received calls from Sierra about a year after their purchase stating that they have a buyer for their Velas Vallarta property. They are told that they just need to pay for the title search and taxes into an escrow account and then they money from the buyer will be released to the seller. The seller wires the money to the escrow company, and then never hears from them again.
0 #3 Wayne H. 2012-08-04 22:59
I just had to comment on what you ppl are calling a "scam". Like "you can sell your weeks for more than they cost"... And "it's a great investment that will appreciate with time"...
And "your purchase comes with an annuity that will return your purchase price after 25 yrs."
I don't think your complaints are valid at all. I did buy a timeshare from Velas Vallarta and I think it's a great deal. Of course you don't sound like a person who would know a good deal or be able to negotiate a good deal to me so maybe you overpaid for it. Of course they want to sell it for as much as they can get and who doesn't? But DID YOU THINK YOU WERE MAKING AN INVESTMENT? DID YOU THINK YOU WERE TALKING TO AN INVESTMENT ADVISOR, OR DID YOU REALIZE YOU WERE TALKING TO A SALES PERSON? And while the annuity you mention is an option, I chose not to purchase it. If you wanted to purchase an annuity why would you do that through your timeshare? Why not go straight to the insurance co. to buy it? You like to pay a middle man a commission??? duh. I have friends who bought a condo at Bayview Grand right next door to Velas Vallarta for about $350,000.00 and their monthly maint. fee is more than my annual maint fee. And what they have is great but they had to furnish it and pay for utilities etc. while I can go down there anytime I want and stay several weeks with all the services and amenities they offer without spending several hundred thousand dollars. Also I can go anyplace else in the world and vacation in other available resorts. I did drive a hard bargain and walked out on their sales presentation 2 times before I got the price that I wanted. And once I did my purchase they couldn't have been nicer to me and my guests... I have no complaints and I go down there 2 times per year and travel to other locations for holidays as well. I would just say if you can't afford to travel and vacation several times per yr. maybe you'd get buyers remorse and regret your purchase. It's not an investment and the sales people are not investment advisors.... Understand that and you'll probably do better next time. Wayne H. Houston, Tx.
+2 #2 Duke Phillips 2010-07-14 21:40
These guys are real smooth con artist! My friends accuse me of being real stupid for falling for their sales pitch. Maybe so, but at the time they seem so believable. I fell for it and since not one of my weeks have rented since 2006 I now want my money back from them. ALL OF IT! I'm trying to work with my Senator to find a way for my government to get my money back. I even wrote a letter to President Obama and posted it on two blogs I've created, devoted to the cause. Check them out and join the effort!

Or write me:
Duke Phillips
+2 #1 Guest 2009-04-20 13:52
Have you had luck with your efforts to get out of Velas Vallarta contract since I now find myself in the same boat as yourself , wish I had accepted my gut feeling that what was being promised was to good to be true. We also had to sign a waiver, which was also not included in the paperwork they gave us back!

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