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Pueblo Bonito - Please help me find a way out of this transaction.

My husband and I went to Pueblo Bonito for our honeymoon in Nov. 2015 and got tricked into thinking the program they offered us would allow us access to several 4 star hotels around the world for $199 per week for two people or $299 per week for three people or $399 for 6 people etc...

I made my first attempt to schedule a hotel in NYC for two people and was told I had to pay $879 for 4 nights?!?!

I emailed our sales rep at Pueblo Bonito my confusion and actually was surprised that he immediately called me the very next morning to tell me "those $199, $299, $399 / week deals are called "last minute deals" to which I quickly replied "you never mentioned last minute deals!" I went to the website to look at these so called "last minute deals" and they are in fact $199, $299 etc...BUT only for certain weeks and certain locations. That is NOT how they sold the program to us!!

Please help me find a way out of this transaction.

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