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The company that I wish to report is - they are just trying to scam people by making promises that don't exist. Apparaently they managed to sell my timeshare for £5500 however, funny enough they wanted £750 upfront. When I asked for them to knock it off the sales price (in fact I suggested they knock £1k off the sale price to cover any costs that they may have) they just hung up. I want to stop the vulnerable getting fleeced. Thanks for your attention.



+1 #1 xTimeshare 2011-09-21 16:15
Timeshare scams will not work if sellers do not send the scam artist any money. Beware of who you are dealing with. How can you tell if it is a scam artist? If they ask you for money up front or ahead of the closing, it is generally a scam. All fees can be taken out of a closing if your timeshare is truly sold. If you’re advertising your unit yourself on a reputable advertising website, you should not pay more than £75.00 for an ad.

All these Money Upfront timeshare resale companies are scams.The timeshare resale market has no value except prime fixed summer weeks but dont expected a hight value. MONEY UPFRONT = SCAM SCAM

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