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WorldMark BY Wyndham - Wyndham is a fraud

Overall experience: Terrible

Please, do bot get suckerd into a false promise from any timeshare company.


+1 #2 Boetica 2010-09-16 19:39
A Wyndham salesperson outright lied to us, telling us that our maintenance fees at our current ownership were going up exponentially in order to get us to sign a contract for trade. After we found out about the fraud, we asked Wyndham to void the contract and return us to our previous level of ownership and make us whole financially, and they refused, stating, "You should have read the contract." Sales practices are NOT in the contract-DUH! We have been good customers; they have never had a problem with us. They know what is going on but it is making them a lot of money, and they know that the average person is not financially able to take on a big corporation. Something must be done about this. Contact the State's Attorney General where you signed your contract. Also, the State Department of Consumer Affairs. I have contacted my elected representative' s office who are helping me file a complaint. DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS!!!!!

The salesman that we dealt with has a history of making fraudulent claims. Why would Wyndham want to go to court under these circumstances?
+1 #1 Michael 2009-04-20 14:08
Worldmark By Wyndham has continuously called me back a couple weeks after I mailed in a payment and stated that they never recieved the payment. This always leaves me in the position of tracking down any money orders or checks which can be exhausting. I truely believe that the company is scamming consumers out of money and doing it knowingly and without remorse. Please be careful whenever dealing with any timeshare company, and always know what you are getting. Although this helps, we can still leave ourselves vulnerable to unethical practices by these companies which is the truth of what is going on. Not only does this company steal, but they lie as well telling potential buyers that they can recieve free vacations the buyer may never even get. I was made this promise and let down. Now I want out of my contract for good. Michael

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