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BlueGreen Scam

My wife and I bought our timeshare in 1980's and were given the presentation about converting our fixed week to a points system in 1990's. We filled out the paperwork and paid extra money to convert to points system. This year we tried to add our daughter to our account and was told it would cost $250 for this transaction.

When we sent them our paperwork and money they returned it saying it would cost us $475 instead because we were both "deeded and points" members. I contacted my timeshare location to see if I was deeded and they said BlueGreen was shown as owner of my week and that I could not even be found in their system. So, how can I be a "deeded" member if they own my property which was converted to a "Points" Vacation Club status??? I have tried to resolve this pr! oblem with BlueGreen for a year now with no cooperation on their part.

Seems to me its just one more way they can take advantage to SCAM us "honest" timeshare owners out of our hard earned money.

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