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Shell Vacation Club And Interval International

I don't know what SHELL VACATIONS CLUB is thinking! Interval International has almost no resorts for extra getaways, no last calls, like RCI used too. I was so happy with RCI and Shell Vacations Club didn't even give us the choice to keep them, they just decided it was the best thing AGAIN for them so they went ahead and made the switch.

There whole program is a scam. Shell Vacations Club never thinks about their customers, ONLY THEMSELVES. Interval International is a JOKE compared to RCI. Their resorts aren't much better overall. The reviews are all the same. Anyone agree with me here. I so miss browsing the vast amounts of last calls and Extra vacations RCI offered as a member. When I called RCI's customer service to renew my membership they said, I can't renew my membership myself because it is att! ached to the Shell Vacations Club name.

So, NO More good priced vacations here. Guess I will have to take the choice of the VERY FEW interval offers. What a joke Shell is. Yet another reason I want out rid of shell forever.

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