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Owner at Cyprus Harbor- Marriot

After owning Cyprus Harbor in Orlando, a Marriot Resort where the living room is 20+ x 20+ and the kitchen area was very large with granit tops and and island to prepare food, this place in comparison was a huge disappointment. I exchanged into the Westgate Resort of Gatlinburg, Tenn, thinking that
the Westgate name had very high standards. After staying here for one week, I was able to ascertain that to the resorts owner, profit and lowering overhead was the priority and not hospitality to it's guests. Before elaborating, it is important to know that the resort was only half full during the last week in August.
As for the detailed complaints, not in a specific order, they are:

* the layout of the room, Unit # 24212, was horrid in that the living room was only (about) 15 x 10, the couch was against the 15 foot wall and the TV was on the 10 ft wall. Very impractical for a family to sit around and watch TV. Also, impractical if two people want to watch TV.
* the DVD player wasn’t working. On Sunday morning, I mentioned it to the concierge and I had to repeat the request on Wednesday morning, because it wasn't done the first time!
* On Tuesday, I used the washer and dryer. These items were not in the room like many of the better resorts, but in the hallway, that was one flight up! The obvious goal of Westgate was for multiple families to share one washer and dryer.
* Upon using the dryer, because the clothing didn’t dry by the third cycle I called maintenance. It appears that that the vent was clogged because it was not cleaned for an extremly long time.
* the kitchen area was similar to the kitchen area of a typical Embassy Suites / Residence Inn, with an oven. While that would be alright, if I’m renting a hotel room, I was exchanging a time share!
* The bathroom shower was lacking a soap dish. This meant every time after I used the shower, I had to open the door to put soap on the counter. While this item may appear nonsensical, it’s part of the
overall mix of the many illogical items in building this unit.
* the other bathroom shower door is misaligned where it kept swinging open.
* the pool outside room 24212 had green algae near the edges and on the stairs.
* every morning, garbage was strewn all over my entrance way and since I went for early morning hikes with my family, we had to walk over the this mess. It was obvious that the animals ate the garbage that another resort user put out. However, it is incumbent for the resort to contact the owner that was putting out the trash to stop this behavior.
* In using the concierge, I purchased four adult tickets ($38+ per ticket) and one child ticket (19+ per ticket) to the Biltmore in Ashville, NC. Upon arriving at the Biltmore, I was told that children tickets are only $5 and was also told that the Westgate (as well as all the resorts) were notified of this. Unfortunately, I was also told that the Westgate is the only resort that does not adhere to this policy. I
purchased a $5 ticket and upon returning to the Westgate, I spoke to the concierge and received a refund. But the idea of waiting for the refund because Westgate wanted to profit is extremely unbecoming.
* Upon check-in, I was asked to go on a one hour tour of the facility and was promised this was not a sales pitch. After over 2.5 hours of touring the facilty and listening to a sales pitch I was given free use
of the Westgate Pool. Use of this is normally free to all Gatlinburg Westgate owners, a fee of $13 for Westgate owners and $19 for non-owners/guest. The nice part of the tour was that I got to see what Westgate actually has - which is similar to the unit that I own and the unit that I expected to get for my exchange!
* On Thursday, at 5:45, I took my son to this pool to use the slides. Unfortunately, the slides were closed, because the staff was cleaning up, by putting away the floating tubes, etc. We left the pool area at 6:00 PM. 15 minutes of non-usage for 2.5 hours of my time.
* In most hotels the use of WIFI is free. At this resort, there is a daily charge. Instead of using the internet services provided by the hotel, we used Verizon wireless. Though slightly slower, it was cost
* Every day, as a time inconvienience, I had to stop at the main office to get new room keys because it was demagnetized. This problem was resolved in many of the better resorts/hotels, unfortunately, not in this establishment.

Based on the information above, it behooves Interval International to investigate its rating system. In conclusion, after three weeks I made a follow up phonecall and learned Interval International did NOTHING!! They then offered me $25 off of my next exchange.....One word describes what they do if an owner is angry and that word is unprintable

Sincerely yours,

Paul Gruber

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