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Same Problem

I just read your complaints and it is the same exact situation for us except we didn't own a timeshare previously. But my brother in law who does was in the meeting with us. Not only have we realized that our timeshare is every other year. We were told that through ICE platinum we would have a place every week as long as we paid the trade fee.

There is no trade fee for this company. You just get a discount if you use their resorts. This is not what we were lead to believe. We are business owners and I'm sad to say this is the first time we got RIPED OFF!!!! This is what they do at Hacienda del Mar. They are heartless souls. God is watching them and they will have to answer to him. I feel sorry for them.

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0 #2 Matilda Palmer 2015-12-21 19:37
The best thing you can do is to cancel your timeshare contract. There is no resale market for timeshares; you can find timeshares on eBay even for pennies. I recommend you to read an article with good information about this:
0 #1 Lester Wyborny 2011-12-28 00:09
I just found this. I suggest changing the title to Hacienda del Mar fraud or something like that so that people can find it. Also, I would post a very negative review on Trip Advisor's webpage.

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