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Shell is Fraudulent and misrepresented

Hi, I bought into Shell in 2007 and within months noticed that something was wrong. I was told I could use the points whenever I wanted, what they fail to tell you is nothing is ever available. Additionally I was at the sales pitch for what felt like an eternity, they kept dangling pricing options, even offering a credit card for the down payment. I was told buy-in, "this will improve your credit, it's like owning property". They never mentioned that the maintenance fees increase drastically.

They tell you there is option to sell, but not of the fact that's damn near impossible, they claim the it's an investment. It's all lies. And there sales people literally push until you finally cave without giving you the facts.

I plan to file a complaint with my state attorney and join all the class action suits I can find. This company must be stopped.

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0 #1 Shell Vacations Club 2011-03-22 23:09
Hello Sherna,

We are terribly sorry to hear your membership has not been working for you the way you anticipated thus far. We would love to lend a hand in helping you book the vacations you are looking for and would appreciate the opportunity to assist. If you would not mind, could you please send us your contact information so we can try to assist you in working out these matters? You can email us at .

We truly appreciate the opportunity to assist and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Shell Vacations Club
Customer Care Department

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