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Wyndham "Discovery Vacation" Points

On Christmas Eve, 2010, my husband and I attended a 90 min (try 3 hours) timeshare presentation. We told the nice young lady we weren't interested in purchasing any of the plans she presented. So, she sent in her supervisor who told us we could do a "trial" program which would give us 308,000 points which would be good for 20 months. We told him we only wanted to go to the Northeast US and Southeast Canada. He pulled out the RCI resort catalog and showed us quite a few nice looking resorts in that area. He DID NOT tell us we couldn't use the "Wyndham Discovery" points through RCI.
WE tried on New Years Eve to contact the reservations office to request the RCI catalog but the phones were jammed by people trying to make reservation. I only got a recording statng my call could not be taken, due to the overwhelming number of calls they had holding and to call another day.

By the time I was able to get through to request the catalog and to be told we could not use "didcovery points" through RCI, the 7 day period to cancel had been expired 2 days. She suggested I fax the information to the contract department, telling them what the salesman had said, etc, and she gave me the fax number.

The information was faxed that same day, January 3, 2011 and I contacted my credit card company and faxed them the information. I have, as yet, not heard anything from Wyndham regarding this problem. I am going to file a complaint with the Missouri BBB, then maybe Wyndham will respond.

At any rate, my suggestion is that people approach Wyndham with severe caution and read ALL the fine print before making a decision. Our salesman was NOT honest!

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0 #1 Karl 2011-03-10 23:38
We were staying at the Wyndham Vacation Resorts' DC location and stupidly went to the 'owner update' for a gift card and endured 3+ (5+ ?) hours of hard sell before my wife agreed to but some 'extra point' through Wyndham Discovery. No prob, we can use them to supplement our usual points, right?. WRONG! Completely different program, with a Lot more limitations. So unless you fit perfectly into the 'time share week' paradigm, you either waste some of the points or have to pay to buy Even More, albeit in small increments.
Have had other bad experiences with their salespeople, but that one was the most dishonest.

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