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Time out for vacation is a fraud !!!!!!

They called me today saying that I had won a trip to florida. I got so excited, after two minutes congratulating me they asked me when could I go to the tripa and if I had my bank card with me.
Then I thought, if I won something means I don't have to pay for it.
Then they start transferring you to another operator all the time, the guy said I had to pay a total of £698 that I didn't understand why!
He told me to give to him my credit and debt card details so could find out in which of the cards I had won the promotion!
With all my excitement I didn't realised he actually was trying to rob all my money from the bank.
he start asking for the expiring date of the card then the numbers on top! I was so stupid at the time that I just realised he was a hacker when he sad "now turn your card over and give the last 3 digits" !
I said to him no! I'm not giving the 3 digits on the back! He answer back saying I know them I just need u to conform. But of course he didn't know, he was just playing Mr clever!
I just put the phone down straight away and called my back to cancel all my cards!
And the bank told me they had just tried to take money out of my accounts but didn't succeed.

I got so angry.... Mother fuckers, who make them think they can take people money like that! :[

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0 #1 Hendy 2010-11-20 22:08
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