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Scammed by Sierra Resorts and Resales

I have been scammed by Sierra Rentals and Sales or Sierra Club Rentals, a few different variations of the name have been used. I purchased a membership with them back in April/2008. This company was recommended to me by the resort where I purchased my fractional ownership - Velas Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. This is where my nightmare begins.

They told me that I would be able to sell weeks of my ownership at a profitable amount so I purchased a membership with them to get this service - mistake number one. I contact them on several occasions to find out how things are looking and if anyone is interested in purchasing a week from us. Many excuses - the first year I signed up at the end of the season and not many people buying at that time of the year. The next season,2009, I send in more forms t! o request selling my weeks or week. I hear nothing from them. Many emails and phone calls later this offer is presented. Nov.16/2009 I get a email from them that "There is a large Mexican company that is interested in acquiring inventory from "Velas Vallarta". They are only interested in the original program as does not have a mandatory All Inclusive". On Nov.19th/09 they present an offer. The offer price is negotiated and confirmed on Dec.31/2009. On Jan.13th/2010 we get a "Transfer Expenses" form that tells us that we need to pay them USD $1195.00 for fees.

I write many letters to them that this does not seem right. The buyer should be paying these fees. As I had already paid a fee to have a membership with them I was already committed to them so here is mistake number 2 - they assure me that once the sale is final the $1195.00 will be reimbursed along with the proceeds of the sale. They are very convincing in their argument and present a doc! ument stating that it will be reimbursed. So we pay this fee t! o them. They send an email stating that they will be sending reports as to the progress of the sale. Feb.5/10 first report comes and has 6 items marked off as being completed and the sale will be final in March/10. Feb.23/10 - 2nd reports come has 7 items marked off completed and still says the sale will be completed by March/10. Email arrives on mar.13/10 - stating they are still waiting on some title searches and they can take up to 3 months. Same day, March13/10, another email comes, ten items have been ticked off as being completed BUT the final sale date has been changed to June. June.16/10 - get an email stating they are still waiting for those title searches - closing date has been changed again to August!!! July.29th/10 - another email arrives that states that all my docs are in order but they are just waiting for other clients to complete as there has been some delays due to deaths, divorce, foreclosures, etc.

Aug.30th/10 - get an email from Tim Hart - never heard of him be! fore- says that he has checked our file and we have some documents missing from "Gibraltor Financial Services" - who??? He said that we should have gotten a letter from them in the mail at the beginning of August. He says that if we did not get this letter than we need to get in touch with him. After sending numerous emails and phone calls to Tim Hart I finally hear from Ben Hermez - now who is this??!! He said that he had a hard time tracking down a copy of the letter from Gibraltor but has now emailed me a copy of this letter. This letter is stating that the "State of Jalisco" is imposing a tax on foreigners having investment properties. He said that they will not release the title until these taxes are paid. Along with the letter from Gibraltor he sends a copy of an invoice from "S & P Servicios Mexico S.A. de C.V." which is in Spanish and due in Mexican pesos.

Everything in me is saying this is not right and this feels like a scam. I wr! ite many concerns to them and they always came up with an answ! er that made sense. On Oct.13/10 I sent this tax fee via Western Union - this took many attempts to get sent as it wasn't working using the S & P company name. They said that the money is going directly to the lawyer for S & P and his name is "Horacio Lelo DeLarrea Ventamilla" in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Today is Oct.28th/2010 and the funds have still not arrived.

THIS IS A HUGE SCAM - DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE. Here is a list of the names of people I have dealt with since the beginning of this nightmare!! Patty Sanchez - Customer Service Lauren Scott - Customer Service Nora Ruiz- Customer Service James Lopez- Corporate sales Bill Gomez- Manager Edward Peters - Corporate sales Oscar - Corporate sales Robert Williams - Technical Support Kristie Johnson - Legal Department Tim Hart - Sales Ben Hermez - Sales Kim Address they use: 848 N. Rainbow Blvd. #2110 Las Vegas Nevada USA 89107 phone numbers: 800-613-6023 888-432-7368 866-516-2521 800-542-9842

If anyone ! has a similar experience with these criminals please write me - I will like to see these folks behind bars. I will be posting this on any open forum I can locate online. They must be stopped. I’m in Canada but anyone anywhere that has been victimized by these disgusting people please get it out there so they can be stopped.

Thanks alot for reading my story and hope to hear yours.

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0 #27 Matilda Palmer 2015-10-29 19:58
involved. This is a good article that has good information about timeshares:
The best thing you can do is to cancel your timeshare contract. There is no resale market for timeshares; you can find timeshares on eBay even for pennies. I recommend you to read an article with good information about timeshare resales:
0 #26 Harold 2011-02-25 20:59
Hi Sandy,

I have gotten $2,000 back so far. But so far no lawer is will to take this case. They keep saying it will cost too much money and they cant start with out lots of money. I am still looking, if you have any ideas or friends in the Lawyer world. Please let me know. If we all work together, we could win. But every one says the same thing to me. GOOD IDEA. I can't get this going by myself. I have enough proof for my case but can't find a lawer, yet. If everyone say, lets get together and put all our cases together with one lawer, Wow it would be a slam dunk.

0 #25 Sandy 2011-02-25 17:15
Pleass add me to your list. Harold I have also emailed you.
0 #24 Sandy 2011-02-25 17:14
Quoting Harold Espinosa:
I have contacted a lawer . He is trying to get one of his buddies in NV. To take on this case. In my investigation the address of Sierra and they were using the address of a mens clothing department. I have tracked their web. provider and phone provider. The one won't give me an address with out a court order and the other provider I haven't been able to get a hold of yet. The lawer said if his friend wont take it, he would. It would be very expensive. These people are pros of scamming. But by next week I am hoping to zoom into their location. I have narrowed the area. They have made a few mistakes that is helping me find info. If you are wanting this law suite. Email me at

Yes please add me to your list and I have emailed you as well.
0 #23 Ursula 2011-01-03 16:19
Same story here, just different names. First call came from Jeff Beckens, than legal departments Patrick Wright took over. It started all with our purchase at Velas Vallarta, but they deny ever doing business with Sierra. By the way, the Vegas address is a post office box.I believe all these jerks reside in Mexico, Bucerias north of Puerto Vallarta.
0 #22 Susan Hampton 2010-12-06 19:23
We have also been scammed through the exact scenario. Please keep us in the loop if any "group" actions commence to try to resolve through whatever means
0 #21 Harold Espinosa 2010-11-16 05:52
I am getting emails to gether to report whats been done and to encourrage you with info. I have posted some info already on the T.O.C. sight.
0 #20 Harold Espinosa 2010-11-16 05:51
I am getting emails to gether to report whats been done and to encourrage you with info. I have posted some info already on the T.O.C. sight.
0 #19 Harold Espinosa 2010-11-16 05:50
I am getting emails to gether to report whats been done and to encourrage you with info. I have posted some info already on the T.O.C. sight.
0 #18 Harold Espinosa 2010-11-16 05:50
I am getting emails to gether to report whats been done and to encourrage you with info. I have posted some info already on the T.O.C. sight.

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