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Mayan Palace Group - The Crookedest timeshare in the US/Mexico!

The Mayan Group has to be the crookedest timeshare in the US/Mexico! They fish people coming out of the Cancun airport posing as "tourist trip" sellers, and then see if they can lure you in to going to see the most "luxurious apartments you will ever see, all 5 star!" well, when we arrived to Cancun dead tired after a 10 hour flight we were not good for anything.


The supposed cheap trips were just a ploy to get you  to sign up for timeshare, a real con if ever there was one, and by the way the word timeshare was never mentioned once.  My friend bought the cheap trip and soon they were at our hotel asking us to meet them in the side alley way, as they did "not want the staff to know that they are there, being that they have such superior accommodation to theirs at the hotel".  The taxi took us at 9 A.M. to the Mayan Palace for our "free five star breakfast"  with tropical birds flying around.  But so was my head soon swilling around after the "pot of coffee" brought to our table.  I was unable to keep on my feet after the breakfast and was clearly drugged.

That is how they managed to get my credit card from me and they are professional con people.  Mrs. Garcia is well trained at her job and I am sure that they make a lot of profit for their boss.  But they are a disaster for woman alone, like I was....albeit with a friend who did not understand much about these things....hence I felt on my own.  It was not a help at all, really, and the jargon used was all too much, plus the sleepy feeling, even after a whole night's sleep and all that "coffee", well you can guess the rest.

When I returned to the place in the same week twice they told me why had I signed the contract! I really was stunned at what had happened.  It was a mystery to to me as how all of this was done....I realized late that something was wrong.  Thees people are professional con men and women.  They are grabbing hard earned money from people with a pack of lies and misleading statements.  Be warned!!!!!  I was told bay them that they will return the money, just not to write about their methods!

Well, I have not received any money from them yet!!! It has all been lies.   they are using the most crooked tack-tics, so beware of them.  Do not trust what they tell you.  Leave by threatening to call the police if you must.  It will give you a peace of mind.


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0 #2 Matilda Palmer 2015-12-08 19:08
The best advice is NEVER buying a timeshare anywhere. It is a scam and the so-called timeshare you buy is sold over and over again to other people. It is very difficult to sell your timeshare now and renting isn't in the deal. It will cost you more to buy a timeshare and maintenance fee than to rent a hotel room or a full ownership of a condo. Don't do it. There is good information about timeshare scams:
0 #1 Vera Victoria Christopher 2010-05-08 14:14
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