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Calypso Cay Resort - Con

I got a phone call from the calypso cay resort team saying i had won a two week hoilday in orlando i had to pay £600.00 with this i had a week on a boat around the barhumas as we are get married this year i thought get to take the family away on this dream hoilday.

I got the fold with all i would need we looked at it and my partner said it would cost us to much money and to send it back som i did in the 30 days i was told that i would get my money back im still waiting this has been 3 months know i keep getting told it being processed i have all so asked to talk to a manager there awas in a meeting so if you get some one from the calypso cay resort team just say no and put the phone down.


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0 #2 Pepper 2010-04-02 12:04
It is always the same story, they get peoples money one way or another.
0 #1 Ian Earles 2010-04-01 14:44
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