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The Grand Lodge - Never trust a man with two first names

Went to breckenridge, had to do a time share even. okay, no big deal, 2 hours for 75% off out life tickets. our salesman, scott thomas or thomas scott, i cant recall, was so rude.

He asked twice when i was going to pop the question to my girlfriend (thanks a$$hole, thats not going to come up at dinner tongiht) then he made a joke about rape, insulted unions, which both my girlfriend and i are a part of, had made up numbers that didnt add up, insisted i was not calculating it right (im an astrophysicist, belive me i can add) was just scribbling down numbers that made NO sence, wouldnt let us get a word in edge wise, insulted me when i told him that time shares are not in the cards for us right now. all in all a horrible experience. the grand lodge was the name of the place out in breckenridge. when we toured it the construction was not that great. game room was lame, the lobby was cramped, and the construction was shaddy. the room had poor trim work, the electrical faceplates were crooked, and the carpet/tile jam was frayed, evidence of trying to build these places overnight. avoid avoid avoid.



0 #1 Bill Johnson 2010-01-24 08:02
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