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Bluegreen - Madness

I have been a member of Bluegreen since 2001. First owning 8,000 points ever other year and then upgraded to 8,000 every year in 2005. My first year not knowing how to use it I lost my points. But now I feel educated enough to know how to use it.

I banked my points with RCI as I was told I was a member for life. I have the documentation to prove it. I made it to Aruba by banking with RCI. I used my bonus weeks and went to Florida, South Carolina, and Vegas. All Maintenance Fees and Assessments are Paid. I have tried to exchange my points this year to RCI but RCI states that Bluegreen has not paid my Corporate VIP membership fee to them since June of 2008. Where are my Fees going? Bluegreen gave me a week to trade but RCI won't accept the points because I no longer have an account with them. I find it very hard to believe that Bluegreen is operating in my best interests. What good is it to have a week to trade it if you can’t trade it. And all I am getting is the run around from Bluegreen. Bluegreen has taken my points and supposedly deposited it into RCI but RCI states I don’t have an account because the fees have not been paid. But my points are gone from Bluegreen. WHAT IS GOING ON???



0 #1 Louis 2010-01-15 09:02
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