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Timeshares Only - Misleading!!!!

My husband and I bought a timeshare about two years ago from WestGate Resorts. We were told by the sales agent that if we wanted to sale our timeshare back we could do so at anytime. Some things came up and I called WestGate to sale my property and they immediately became defensive and basically told me that they could not help me and would not giveme any advice or customer service for that matter.

So I took matters in my own hand and called Timeshares Only to sell my property. Again I was told that at this time, it was a HOT market for timeshares and that they (Timeshares Only) are confident that the property would sell fast. According to them the property is worth almost 20 K and I CURRENTLY have it on the market for about 10 K. I have already knocked down the price three times. IT HAS BEEN ALMOST A YEAR and it is still on the market. Everytime I call the CSR he/she doesn't give me much information about the status of my account and tells me that I might get more inquiry's if I knocked down the price AGAIN? This company does not sound legitimate or professional!! IF ANYONE IS CONSIDERING GOING THROUGH TIMESHARES ONLY to sell or rent your property or purchasing a property through Westgate Resorts, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TRYING ANOTHER COMPANY. Expecially if you want QUALITY Service!!!!!!


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