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Westgate - The Whole Timeshare Thing Should Be Illegal

We purchased a timeshare through Westgate near Orlando, odd year. They told us we were buying actual real estate property that would retain and even increase in value. The salesman said, "There's no way you can lose money on these things. You'll always make money."

If it's real estate, why won't realtors list it for free? Like pouring salt in the wound, you become victim to countless other scammers who try to relieve you of your burden. They'll "list" your "property" for anywhere from $600-$800 dollars up front, with no guarantee they'll sell it.

A vacation with Westgate is plagued with the invasion of "hospitality reps" who hound you throughout your vacation, ultimately insisting that you have to attend another long session where they pressure you to increase your time share.

None of the sweet deals we were told that Interval would have ever materialized when we'd try to book something.

Taxes and maintenance keep going up.

It is blatent fraud. Lawmakers ought to put a stop to the whole timeshare scam and make these con artists become legitimate honest businessmen and women, and the people they've scammed should be compensated for their losses.



+1 #2 jason 2011-03-19 23:06
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a cute beagle talking about her Westgate Planet Hollywood experience, or lack of experience.
0 #1 Jessica Yang 2010-11-20 05:28
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We are Westgate Resort Members who bought into a time share in the Smokey Mountains. We are NOT statisfied Customers.

I hope to warn you that if you go to Gatlinburg TN -stay away from the Street Vendors trying to give you free shows in exchange for a Meeting about time shares.. Run .. Run away quickly.

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