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Wyndham - A Total Rip Off

Any company who cannot deliver what it promises but won't give you any portion of your money back is a complete scam! It is criminal. I went to one of the was very nice...I could not afford any of their deals, so, they of course made a special exception for me...

since I was a widow with a young son who really wanted to take him on vacations...they would make an exception for me...I can pay in $99 a month until I reach a certain amount and then I can start going on I have paid in about $1,000 and call in and they tell me that I cannot go anywhere until I pay two more payments...then they tell me I have to go somewhere before July 2010! I don't have vacation time before July 2010...and then I got curious, I asked, what if I cannot use my points...she said I lose them and I don't get a refund. How can any company take a widow's money and give her NOTHING for it! Shame on you Wyndham. And you have such nice hotels too. A darn shame.


0 #2 doug 2012-04-03 03:33
wyndham are bunch of dogs
0 #1 tom 2009-10-04 20:53
What can I do to get our of wyndham and bank of americas greed

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