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Shell Vacation Club - Harassment at presentation

I went to presentation to purchase time share from sHELL VACATION CLUB. tHEY INSULTED ME FOR TAKING GIFT FOR ATTENDING. They then proceeded to demand I BUY A TIME SHARE FOR 54,00 dollars. I told them no several times, they kept saying we will get you signed out and would haveone blood sucking leech after another try to make me buyt their time share. I was physically ill after this supposed 90 minute meeting that they held me there for 4 hrs, it was unprofessional and disgusting. They will tell you any lie to make you buy their time share.



+1 #2 Bill 2010-08-09 13:28
I agree; the tactics used by the Shell resort sales staff in Kona, Hawaii were as described. I actually signed the agreement, received the contract and after reading it that night, I drove back there and cancelled the deal. The extra points I was supposed to receive were not in the contract and they would not put them in there. They were not happy when I used the time share act statute to force them to return my money. After reading all the complaints about Shell, I glad I did.
+1 #1 Guest 2010-01-13 19:54
I fully agree with this man's statement!!! they use hardline sale tactics and practically hold you hostage for hours. They have fast talking sales people who give you this great line of BS about all these great places you will be able to go, but the points you buy won't get you a 3 day stay at a hotel 6 in LA in the month of July. It's a scam don't do it. Just save for your vacations. I regret doing this, but I did finally get ou of it. I sacrificed my credit an just stoppe paying. The financial collection group setteled with me for a 1000.00 dollar payment and my account was closed with shell. I t was the best step I ever took. After a year, I am now free of those harrassing calls by equiant.

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