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Wyndham Shawnee in the Pocono's - Extremely upset about this immoral selling practice‏

Went to Wyndham Shawnee in the Pocono's for a time share sale. Went through the entire sale and said no, then the end sale came and a closer, Nicole Dangelo, to make us the last offer. "Today only",she said, "You can buy our Leisureplan membership." This membership, she explained, is only $2,400 and gives you the opportunity to try out Wyndahm resorts, but, she added, there is a cancelation clause that says you can cancle at any time by simply calling an 800 number. She showed us the clause and there it was in black and white Right to cancel membership.

Member has the right to terminate this agreement at any time by calling 1800-251-8736. She then went on to say how we could book a vacation, then cancel the membership and that many people are doing it. She said the company just wants us to try it out. We only needed to give them $200 deposit, then make six payments for a total of $800 and then we could cancel at any time and have a wonderful vacation also!!!!! We could not believe this was possible so asked her to repeat the offer. She told us the same thing again...cancel after 6 months...still get vacation...we just want you to try it.  Sounded great so my wife and I signed on on 12/27/08 Six months went by and I asked to cancel the membership. Well, Mr. Beech they tell me you may cancel the Leisureplan agreement, but you are not allowed to cancle the VIP membership which requires you to pay 100 every month for 2 years. The VIP agreement has a 7 day cancelation policy. I dig through paper word and there it is another contract.  Seems as though there are two(2) contracts we signed that day. One, the Leisure Plan, was a $49 a year membershi p to a vacation club which I could cancel at any time. The other was a VIP menbership that cost $2,400 and had only a 7 day window for cancelation.  I'm wondering if this happened to any other people, especially the visitors to the Shawnee resort.  Needless to say, we are extremely upset about this immoral selling practice. We will report you to the Better Business Bureau and find a place to post our experience on-line so others are not cheated as we were. 

 Joe Beech
Philadelphia, PA



0 #1 Karen 2009-09-03 05:25
I suggest you file a complaint with consumer affairs

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