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Playa del Sol Grand - Fraud

Article removed due settlement


0 #2 Grupo Mayan 2009-11-30 14:01
We are reaching out to you on this public forum in hope that you will contact us. We’ve been trying to reach you by telephone and email since we would like very much to address any and all issues that you feel are present in our relationship and your contract for membership in our club. We appreciate your having been a member for almost two years and we want you to continue to enjoy your visits to our resorts.
You can call us at 1-800-292-9446.
0 #1 Steve Frye 2009-07-01 08:33
This is exactly the same scam that my wife and I went through at the Grand Mayan resorts in Mexico. These same promises were made to us almost to the letter, with the exact same outcome as well. We had to list our previous timeshare ourselves at a cost of $400.00 and it has been up for sale for two years now with zero calls from the broker. I have contacted them a few times over this period always with the same response about how they are trying but so far no luck. Now we have two timeshares which are both nice resorts but, we can't use them both and it costs money to rent them through a broker. Don't fall for these sales scam artists.

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