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Pueblo Bonito - No Availability

My husband and I just purchased our timeshare at Pueblo Bonito last October. We tried to book our timeshare for this year for October and was told they are completely booked for the entire year. They told me I could go through RCI, but why would I want to do that. I would not be guaranteed my Exec. suite or a king bed and I would also have to pay an additional $167.00 to book it.

I am very upset that they allocate all these rooms and then have no rooms available for the timeshare holders. My husband and I now cannot tale a vacation as planned. We were looking forward to our stay there for a year.
Shame on you Pueblo Bonito. Putting you up for sale.



0 #2 dupedbypueblobonito 2010-01-26 11:34
Wondering how the sale is going of the PB Sunset timeshare. Any offers? (ha ha)

You can go through Timeshare Owner's Advocate (internet) to try to cancel your contract based on misrepresentati on and fraud.

I know when you go through RCI they only rarely have PB available and when they do they only allow a client to stay there once every 5 years.

Best of luck in that.
0 #1 Neel Healy 2009-09-28 12:49
You couldn't give it away. What do you mean putting it up for sale? It is vapor

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