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Shell Vacations Club - Will tell any lie to sell their units

Shell Vacations Club will tell any and every lie possible to sell their units.

1) The units retain their value - there is NO market to sell these units. We have spent over $3000 trying to sell the units on the secondary market or even to rent our week, over two years and zero interest.

2) Their interim financing is easily replaceable with regular bank financing. In three years, we have not found one bank that would make a loan on the timeshare - it is patently false that anyone will loan on this and this lie only serves to close the sale and tie you to a high interest rate loan.


3) Although we purchased our units as "secondhand" units from Shell, they do not resell or repurchase the units. They told us this lie to get us to commit to the sale, too. If they are selling secondhand units, they are either lying that they are secondhand units, or are lying that they do not buy back units. Either is deceptive and fraudulent.

4) Maintenance fees are reasonable - each year, fees have increased dramatically. Now I am no longer receiving invoices, but instead get collection calls and late fees for bills I never received. For what I pay each year in maintenance, I could have a week at a decent hotel where I want to go, not some crappy timeshare I need to reserve a year in advance and pay EXTRA fees to use. The maintnenace fees for one week of a studio are about 4 months of my condo maintenance fees, where I live full time. They are exorbitant and grow each year. And you pay more to actually make the reservations, to boot.

5)Points are exchangeable for other things at a reasonable rate. This is patently untrue. A years worth of points garners a rental car for a week, or several years worth can be used for a round trip airline ticket. Lies to sell the units and rope you into a deceitful and fraudulent contract - this hardly seems like a balanced tradeoff or a reasonably priced exchange.



0 #4 Mike 2010-11-01 21:27
First, Disney resorts are a lease, you do not actually own them. Although Disney may have chosen not to report someone to a collection agency does not mean that another company will not. You said that you were told that you could pay your maintenance fees late. You would have been sent a statement that detailed the dues date and any late fees for paying it late, so your explanation makes you look like an idiot. If you pay your car pmt, house pmt, phone bill etc... late, there are penalties. You will also look like an idiot if you picket outside of the timeshare. What is your sign going to say, "I cannot afford to pay my maintenance fee?" You stated that you were reported to a collection agency for not paying your maintenance fee, but you gave this person the advice to quit paying on their timeshare. This would mean that they would have quit paying on their maintenance fee as well. So which is it??? You are contradicting yourself. If you are reported to collections for not paying your maintenance fee and you quit paying for the timeshare and the maintenance fee, logic would dictate that you would still be reported to a collection agency. Before you leave a complaint about anything, get your story straight.
+1 #3 Neal Heely 2009-09-28 12:03
Did I mention this: Sue RCI for all of this because they are in the west and are vulnerable. Do not trust the current class action suits because the plaintiff lawyers are clearly being incompetent on purpose (bought off).

This criminal activity has to stop and RCI could do this if they wanted to.

Meanwhile, simple logic says that you pay for lodging at the time you use it...meaning hotels or whatever paid for no more than 1 week in advance but better *after* services are rendered.
+1 #2 Neal Heely 2009-09-28 12:00
Nobody roped into any of these deals needs to worry about how to resell a TS. Just stop paying maintenance fees and tell collectors you never intend to pay so get lost. It won't go on your credit report because they know they're wrong. They just foreclose and sell the vaporware to another sucker.
+1 #1 Patricia 2009-06-04 19:26
You know they do tell you that you can refinance which isn't true but you could be in a good situation. I took mine and did a home equity loan on it and now cannot get out of it, If I would have known better I would have kept their interest rate and walked from it. Come to find out they don't report it on your credit, my brother walked away from his Disney timeshare and he didn't have it placed on his credit. Me on the other hand will lose my home so if you have to keep it I would lower my interest rate that way with the home equity loan. Find out their reporting policies. When mine was paid in full from the loan they didn't place it on the credit and when I spoke to the lady she stated they don't do anything with credit, it is between you and them not you and a bank. You may want to ask the pro on this site, he is very helpful you know!! Good luck and it makes me sick with how we were suckers to their game. You know what I also do, I tell everyone I know to stay away from timeshares, I would park my you know what right outside of the sales office and get people to leave. I own with WestGate and it has been nothing but a horrible nightmare full of lies, scams, money and false promises. They told me not to worry about being late on my maintenance/tax es and they turned me into a collection agency. I am going to picket outside of the entrance for people ready to tour the place. Get a bumper sticker made putting them down so people can read while you are driving, get a shirt made that tells people to avoid Shell, take an ad out in your local paper, whatever you can think of. Word of mouth is the best advertiser, so lets use it for these timeshare scammers!! Good luck!! I still think you may be able to walk away without any bad credit, find out first.

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