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WestGate - Beware Of Westgate Resorts!!

I became an owner of Westgate a couple of years ago and it has been the BIGGEST mistake of my life. Everything I was told was a lie, I was harassed on my week while I was recovering from surgery and told that what I owned was no longer legal!! I can never get in without some sort of charge and wish I would have never agreed to be an owner. My husband lost his job after 20 years and we all know about the economic situation, I phoned them to arrange payments on my maintenance and taxes and was told it was not possible.

I paid it off with a home equity loan due to the 17% interest they were charging me also!! Today I open up my mail and they have turned me into a collection agency and tacked an additional $500 on top of my maintenance and taxes!! I still have a 2 bedroom banked with them and cannot even use that now!! They refuse to work anything out even due to a hardship, I was told when I purchased this time share that the m/t would only be $420 well it has gone up to almost $800 in two years and now an additional $500 for the collection agency!! The worst part is that if you look on the internet non-oowners are getting better rates then an owner would and they don't even have to tour or be bothered. When on property you are treated rudely and everything they said has turned out to be false information. This purchase has become a horrible nightmare and I hope that if someone would take my advise I could save you the nightmare I have become involved in. I cannot even use the property unless staying on it and I only live an hour from there, that was also one of the reasons I purchased. They have cut a majority of the immenities and are complete scammers!!!! BEWARE OF WESTGATE!!




+1 #4 denise 2010-05-02 15:13
:no-comments: i hate feeling taken advanage of, but i am a westgate owner and i feel like a total loser. every time we use this thing i am mad, the people at the resort are rude and make you feel like screw you. i am in customer service in my job and i know that companies every day are going out of business for lack of cusomer service. i hope this happens to westgate . i would galdly forfet what we have invested. these folks are rip off .
0 #3 L.C. Bee 2010-02-09 12:40
High pressure, maintenance fees more than doubled, they do treat you with disregard once they have your money. Usually sold in a really rushed time-like ski season for the West areas. They're nice if you have the TIME and for the out of country connections. I had just a camping "timeshare"year s ago which my ex talked me into getting rid of-even though it had saved us 3000.+ at one meeting we attended(connec tion to other timeshare).It was inexpensive and one of the honest ones back in the '80s. They are no longer honest. ;-)
0 #2 Guest 2009-09-28 08:11
I would never purchase a timeshare its a waste of money
-2 #1 BILL 2009-06-17 19:40
YOU HAVE A BRAIN. You gave them your money,,,well live witn your actions and stop blaming others. Obamma lied and you still love him right??? lol ;-))

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