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Sandcastle Provincetown vs Festiva

Festiva resorts is now managing the Sandcastle Condominiums in PTown, Cape Cod. On my recent visit they invited me to the office review the recent owners meeting.
The agent told me that RCI was probably not going to continue with Sandcastle as a resort. That RCI was giving up weeks exchanges. That I could become a member of Festiva Points System by PAYING THEM to take over my deed - and sign a Quitclaim deed.

So they want my deeded week (for life) and I am to PAY THEM to take it??? In exchange I will get points to use Festiva or Interval Int. I checked Festiva on the web - numerous complaints, being sued or investigated in several states by the Attorneys General - lost their case in MO, etc.
They said this was NOT A SALE of any kind but an exchange of ownership - yet their documents state SELLER and BUYER on every line. They being the seller and I being the buyer, investigate before you sign.


0 #39 David Stackpole 2012-04-25 04:32
Hi Chris
I was interested in buying weeks 31 and 33 in units 325 /326 but have no idea who owns them or how to find out, can you help me.
-1 #38 Dunes422 2011-06-10 15:58
Here's how the FLOATING WEEKS at SANDCASTLE work!

You have a deeded week to Sandcastle. Probably long ago paid in full.

Now you can PAY them to TAKE your DEED and give you a Timeshare License instead. So far the payment have been about $3000 to $9000 range. Or they'll finance that for you.

Some examples of recent recorded transactions:
Intervals 26-35: Summer float - $5900 ND; Summer float - $3290 ND; Summer studio - $8900;

Intervals 21-25 and 36-41: Prime Float - Studio - $6295; Prime Float Studio - $6900; Prime Float Studio - $6900; Prime Float Suite - $3295*

Now until you sign here, on the dotted line, today and today only at this special offer price, YOU OWNED a deeded week FREE and CLEAR

ND = no designated on document;
*It is interesting to note that the Prime Suite cost less than the Prime Studio which doesn't make sense unless they are trying to get suite inventory.

By definition in the Mass General Laws - Chapter 183B Timeshare:

“Time-share license”, a right to the occupancy of a unit or any of several units during five or more separated time periods not coupled with a freehold estate or an estate for years."

Time-share estate. "Time-share estate" means any interest in a unit or any of several units under which the exclusive right of use, possession or occupancy of the unit circulates among the various time-share owners in the unit in accordance with a fixed time schedule on a periodically recurring basis for periods of or a specified portion thereof.

Freehold Estate: A freehold estate is an estate in which ownership is for an undefined length of time.

These are the categories:
Prime Float weeks = 21-25 and 36 -41
Summer Float weeks = Intervals 26 -35
Getaway Floating weeks = 9-20 and 42-48

And you can use your float week by making a Reservation, just follow these rules:

Reservations not more than 18 months or less than 7 days in advance of the requested period.

No accrual or carryover from the previous year.

No reservation can be made until all maintenance fees etc are paid up.
Bonus use: units not reserved 7 days in advance and deemed available, may be reserved 6 days (or less) in advance as a "Bonus" week by Getaway and Prime Float owners with a 'per diem' charge. I believe you can reserve these on a daily or weekly basis. No more than a total of seven bonus days may be reserved by any float week owner.

If you don't make a reservation, don't ASSUME you'll get your week. It's in the pool as far as I can tell. So call quick or you'll get week 9 and be at the beach in early February, if you can get there through the snow.

These are the 2010 figures listed in the document. They don't appear to by unit size but by season. You'll notice that a summer studio is $550 while current studios are $354, and summer suites are $750 while current suites pay $512 in maintenance fees, and weeks owners pay their maintenance fees according to the square footage and common areas as described in the Master Deeds and Trusts.

Studios: Getaway week = $250
Studios: Prime Float = $350
Studio Summer Float = $550
not $354
Suite: Getaway Float = $350
Suite: Prime Float = $550 not $512
Suite: Summer = $750
not $512

You no longer own your week. You no longer have a deed. Your Timeshare License will expire in 2059. Your grandkids won't have to worry about inheriting it.

Or you/they can rebuy it at a new price , to be determined much later I'm sure.

Details can be found at the Barnstable Registry of Deeds. Search for this Document:
Declaration Of Trust
BK-pg: 24904-224
Pages in document: 17

0 #37 lloyd avram 2011-03-01 17:22
Hi ChrisH I own units 105 wk #40 and unit 102 wk #42. both are studios on the beach. . Recently I recwived an "offer" to send them $495.00 per unit and they will take my units back!!! Figure the odds!! Please post my units to the appropriat (for sale)place. PLEASE also put my name on the list of people who receive additional information from you.
0 #36 Enna B 2010-10-28 18:58
Was just charged a late fee on my 10/2010 statement for my unit's maintenence and carry over special assessment (as we have multiple weeks but I never got a bill before this late fee and balance due bill in October... Very fustrating as they rented my summer week unit and never reimbursed me.... so they held my money - never told me how much renal $ was collected, just applied it to my 10/2010 balance due - 3 months after the rental and then they finally sent me a bill (after 5 phone calls) with the reconcillation and late fee noted. This is unethical to charge late fees when they never sent the initial bill or told me what they collected for rent on my highly desirable oceanfront summer rental timeshare unit and held of my rental income for 3 months then apply it to fees!
0 #35 Chris 2010-07-27 17:34

Here is the link for the news report from last night (Mon., July 26, 2010).

Copied from the above report:
"Festiva Resorts gave us a statement saying complaints at the Sandcastle are largely related to the actions of Cliff Hagberg and Outfield Marketing, not Festiva. The company did say, however, that it will return property deeds to any Sandcastle owners who feel they were pressured to join Festiva."

There is also an RSS feed that you would have to sign up for to view the video content.

At the end of the report there is a section for comments on this news report. You must register and provide an email address to use this function although your email won't be visible to the public and you can have a username, so that your name does not appear if you don't want it visible.

Owners at Sandcastle/Roya l Coachman should take this opportunity to express their opinions on this public format.[/i]
See the 'register here' link under Add Comment at the end of the report on the WBZ website and shown below.

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0 #34 ChrisH 2010-07-23 14:39
Yesterday afternoon, I spoke to Jon Wells of WBZ-TV Channel 4 Boston who interviewed Cliff Hagberg and some Sandcastle unit owners within the last 2 weeks.

Jon said the short segment about Sandcastle will be aired on the 11 o'clock news next Monday night. ( It will probably be repeated on the morning news Tuesday)

For those of you who are out of state, you will most likely be able to watch the segment by going to on Tuesday and locating the story in the local news section.

Usually at the end of each story section you may also post comments! So here is a chance for more owners to air their views in the media.

Also, they are evidently working on the Sandcastle website now. There are a few new pics of the decks/outside.

The 'Owners' page has a short blurb about the snackbar and activities as well as the work in progress. It states that this is a 'test' page.

Reach other Sandcastle owners at
0 #33 ChrisH 2010-07-20 12:38
Hi Arthur

I will be reporting via the regular email list on my week of July 3-10 within the next few days.

Just finishing typing it up.
0 #32 ARTHUR STOLOW 2010-07-19 21:46
Hi Chris:
I'd appreciate some update as to the current state of repairs and use of the assessment funds. Could this be part of the referenced "newsletter"?
I look forward to receiving it.
Thanks for your continued efforts.
0 #31 ChrisH 2010-07-18 21:12
If you are interested in selling any units, some owners are looking for additional weeks. Particularly summer weeks. Let me know what you have if you are selling and we can post it in our newsletter if you want.
0 #30 rick 2010-07-17 17:13
i just STOPPED paying they can have the dame thing, its been paid off for years; i haven't used it for 5 yrs but kept paying maint. fee n special assessment ---No MOre

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