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Calypso Cay Time Share OVER EXAGGERATED

1) A friend referred me, and I had a phone call from one of their sales offering a stay at one or two of their places. For every place you stay, you will be required to stay for a presentation at each place. 2 places equals 2 presentations (high pressured)

2) They will give you a deal to one of there villas which will sound great. ** What you will get his REGULAR STANDARD HOTEL accommodations in a DUMP. Our Motels are nicer in Canada than their hotel.

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Extremely Unhappy - Westgate

We could have wrote the same complaint about the Westgate Resort Smokey Mountains that Justfun wrote about the one in AZ. We agree with everything that was said. Timeshare companies should offer to buy back the properties or a way for property owners to sell. To us, it is all about how to get more money out of the owners without giving out the service they promised. We are a part of the Interval travel club and you have to pay $20 to talk to a person to make a reservation. What a scam!
Timeshares like these are definitely not for the vacation planner and should be against the law.

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Calypso time share, all lies

We own calypso time share since 2007 , sice we bought this time share we never had a chance to use, everytme we make a reservation ,its always not available. and the fee's for maintenace and etc. is always going and if you got late to pay your dues day put you to callection agency and charge you almost 40% of your total due.

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Selling timeshare scam

Be careful if someone call you from Watson Affiliates and American Assurance Title. Both companies work together to rip you off money by telling you that they have serious buyers to buy your timeshares in Mexico. The offer is so tempting that you can easily get deceived. Once they ask for a front fee then for sure it's a scam.

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Mayan Palace - Beware Timeshare Predators

My husband and I are trying to figure how to get out of paying the the balance of what we owe. We do not know what too do or where to turn.
We got sucked in a month ago while on holidays, Sad thing is Vincente conned us even though we told him I had just had a stroke 3 weeks earlier. Grand Mayan is a real class act.

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