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  1. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    This will probably be a longer than you would like, but it is truly a reflection of how I feel about RCI, their rules and their fees. Once upon a time (22 years ago, when I purchased my timeshare and joined ...
    Created on 18 February 2015
  2. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    ... to affiliate RCI to get a desired accommodation, but no one could or would explain how. Agents sent our call and query to other departments, whose representatives subjected us to other long and complicated ...
    Created on 10 June 2013
  3. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    I don't know what SHELL VACATIONS CLUB is thinking! Interval International has almost no resorts for extra getaways, no last calls, like RCI used too. I was so happy with RCI and Shell Vacations Club didn't ...
    Created on 18 January 2012
  4. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    Every year once we have consistently paid our fees and requested deposit to RCI and Solmar has either overlooked or refused our requests.  RCI has been nothing but helpful; however, has indicated only ...
    Created on 03 January 2012
  5. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    This company: Travels dream unlimited contact timeshare owner. Offer them a huge amount of money ($ 2600) for each week they deposit on RCI or II. But there is a catch. You have to pay them $100 upfront ...
    Created on 31 December 2011
  6. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    ... They eventually returned our $5200, by the pressure and help of others. For almost a full year, RCI had no record of our Timeshares. After dozens of phone calls and many more E-Mails to RCI and Summer ...
    Created on 31 December 2011
  7. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    I had a confirm reservation for a ski resort since last summer. I got a call from the RCI rep few days ago, he said due to the company over-booking, my reserved resort is not available anymore, he offered ...
    Created on 16 December 2011
  8. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    On May 6, 2011, Mr. Danny Brooks and Mr. Steve Harris from Vacation Seller Services, Inc. contacted me to sell my RCI time share with their company. Mr. Brooks stated and guaranteed that he had a buyer ...
    Created on 16 September 2011
  9. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    ... lo que nos informaron personas del RCI y de dicho "Sunset beach, resort & Spa. Despues de ya casi tres meses aun sigo luchando para que me reembolsen mi dinero que di de inicial. No es justo que ...
    Created on 09 September 2011
  10. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    ... (including RCI and II) and there sales people are scumbags. Wish I could just give mine away. That should tell you something - when you can't even give something away but have to pay someone ...
    Created on 14 June 2011
  11. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    ...  who would do all the paper work for $199. It sounded to good to be true, so when I called RCI and talked to a friend of mine they said it was probably a scam. So I am reporting it to you. Click ...
    Created on 21 May 2011
  12. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    We were cheated by RCI and Best Western Resort Country Club, Manesar, India and have hence filed a complaint (complaint No. 579/2009) in the Consumer Courts, Sheikh Serai. The case is sub-judice. The ...
    Created on 27 March 2011
  13. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    ... exchange partner - RCI. As an incentive to buy I was offered a “free” Caribbean vacation. I got the certificate afterward and it was “free” for around $250 of “port fees and taxes”. So that was ...
    Created on 27 March 2011
  14. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    ... the annual maintenance payments and arrange via RCI for their exchanges. Guess what - no one wants it and it is a 4-5 star, red season and floating season. I called the resort and told them that I ...
    Created on 20 March 2011
  15. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    ...  expense, and that no charge would appear on a new RCI Visa until the funds from my timeshare were given to me on June 1, 2011, after which I would pay El Cid, by June 30. I was shocked to find ...
    Created on 27 February 2011
  16. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    ... Canada. He pulled out the RCI resort catalog and showed us quite a few nice looking resorts in that area. He DID NOT tell us we couldn't use the "Wyndham Discovery" points through RCI. WE tried ...
    Created on 12 January 2011
  17. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    ... guests. On arriving at the meeting site, we were asked if we had any experience with RCI, the world’s major time-share exchange facilitator, and if we had any negative feed-back. We explained that ...
    Created on 02 November 2010
  18. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    The sunset group and RCI are a bunch of criminals. do not deal with them. all they do is take your money and do not render services properly. Click Here To Post Your Own Complaint Disagree ...
    Created on 24 August 2010
  19. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    ... to keep on my feet after the breakfast and was clearly drugged. That is how they managed to get my credit card from me and they are professional con people.  Mrs. Garcia is well trained at her job and ...
    Created on 08 May 2010
  20. Category: (Timeshare Reviews)

    ... Defender Resorts, that we owed them an additional $49 for tracking our RCI points. Their letter stated that when we purchased our unit, the marketing company paid for the first three years. Ok, what ...
    Created on 27 February 2010


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