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    Festiva resorts is now managing the Sandcastle Condominiums in PTown, Cape Cod. On my recent visit they invited me to the office review the recent owners meeting. The agent told me that RCI was probably ...
    Created on 17 May 2009
  2. Category: (Comments)

    Was just charged a late fee on my 10/2010 statement for my unit's maintenence and carry over special assessment (as we have multiple weeks but I never got a bill before this late fee and balance due bill ...
    Created on 28 October 2010
  3. Category: (Comments)

    ... Copied from the above report: "Festiva Resorts gave us a statement saying complaints at the Sandcastle are largely related to the actions of Cliff Hagberg and Outfield Marketing, not Festiva. The company ...
    Created on 27 July 2010
  4. Category: (Comments)

    i just STOPPED paying they can have the dame thing, its been paid off for years; i haven't used it for 5 yrs but kept paying maint. fee n special assessment ---No MOre
    Created on 17 July 2010
  5. Category: (Comments)

    ... is an area to 'post comments'. This might be an excellent place to voice our concerns about what is happening at Sandcastle, about House Bill 4496 and /or about Festiva. Please take the time to read the ...
    Created on 20 June 2010


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