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There oughta be a law

In hindsight, I wish I'd tape recorded their sales pitch. One lie and exaggeration after another. I bought into the Kissimmee/Orlando timeshare. I've been trying for over 10 years to sell or rent with no luck. So much for the "GREAT INVESTMET" they said it would be.

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RCI - Changing rules and outragious fees

This will probably be a longer than you would like, but it is truly a reflection of how I feel about RCI, their rules and their fees. Once upon a time (22 years ago, when I purchased my timeshare and joined RCI), life was easy. I deposited my week, paid a fee and traded for a week somewhere else for vacation. Life changed and it changed for the worse, much worse.

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Feedback On Defender Resorts?

I own at a resort that changed management to Defender in the past year.

I do not understand why our board went with this company. I find them disorganized with respect to a mixup on my maintenance bill. Owners received their ballots for pending board officer elections that seem to have been full of mis-spelling even giving the address of the resort wrong.

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Shell Vacations Club - Don't Go There


I just returned home from the Shell Vacation Club presentation. My career was in banking, so numbers matter to me and jump out at me, too. At the Arizona State Fair, I was talked into the timeshare presentation and went, since I travel often. The brochure I was given at that time offered a "free gift", if I went through the presentation. The presenter did a good job of explaining the general timeshare program, but would not talk cost. When she finished, the closer came in tell about the cost and financing. The cost was just under $30,000, with annual dues of $741. The interest rate was 16.99%!!! With your purchase, you could claim 7000 points for use on hotels.

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Another Victim Scammed by Royal Holiday

Royal Holiday Scam at Wyndham Nassau Resort in New Providence Is Ruining Our Finances!

I was scammed--deceived, defrauded and duped--at the Wyndham Nassau Resort in New Providence, Nassau, in March 2011. I want to express my extreme frustration with Royal Holiday Club's predatory sales practices. Since I was hoodwinked into signing a contract with this unethical company, I have been obliged to pay $220 per month and an annual fee in excess of $1,000. In exchange I have received NO net benefits--I would have saved thousands and thousands of dollars by making travel arrangements myself for the one resort trip I did manage to work out with Royal Holiday Club. Including the inittial credit card payment of $15,000, over the past two years I have been obliged to pay them a total of $20,300.

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